Weekly Gun News – Edition 38


Back from the long weekend with lots o’ tabs that need a clearin’.

Apparently HBO is also doctoring interviews a ‘la Katie Couric. Starve the beast! Cut the cord!

The Onion couldn’t have come up with a better parody of the ridiculousness of British attitudes on weapons.

Charles C.W. Cooke is asking the left if Trump’s rise is giving them second thoughts about this gun control thing. It ought to.

Their ultimate goal with expanding prohibited persons: Man denied gun permit in NJ because of his bad driving record.

Gavin Newsom is finding out gun rights isn’t just an old fat white guy issue anymore.

Big Commonwealth Court decision on the privacy of LTCF records.

One of the architects of the SAFE Act convicted of corruption.

I’m not sure I’d go so far as to say this represents “trashing the Second Amendment,” but the Libertarian Party always seemed to be more of a debating society than a political movement.

I’m glad to see NRA denying media creds to outfits known to be hostile. The Louisville Eccentric Observer wrote a bunch of anti-NRA articles, with one talking about they wish the NRA would just disappear. After the convention they whine about not getting media creds. Smallest violin fellas, playing right here. All we ask for is a fair shake.

Joe Huffman: “Anti-gun people should vote against Hillary to keep guns out of the hands of the American people.

Joe also catches the Asbury Park Press in a moment of hypocrisy.

Our opponents are focusing on suicide prevention, and tugging on heart strings. Last night down at my local train station, about a mile from my house, a man threw himself in front of an oncoming freight train and quite effectively killed himself. This is becoming a bit of an epidemic around here, but you don’t see people blaming CSX and Amtrak. More ground prep for gun control from Vogue here.

Does anyone still watch The Daily Show?

Still trying to work out a deal to allow Sunday hunting in Pennsylvania.

Yahoo is doing its part to help get a Dem in the White House this fall: “Trump’s Gun Views in Spotlight Amid String of Accidental School Shootings.” If you say so.

Black Guns Matter!

Chicago Tribune writer Charles Madigan buys an NRA membership and thinks he’s infiltrated the organization. What a tool. I’m wondering if he’s related in some way to Lisa Madigan, Illinois Attorney General.

Background check battle at PA state capitol. We already have background checks for handguns in PA. Long guns are very rarely used in crime, and the background check law doesn’t do much to keep gang members in Philly from shooting each other. But hey, lets double down on failure.

Eugene Volokh: “Trump’s potential Supreme Court justice list is actually very good

It would seem repealing PLCAA has become a real goal of the gun control movement under Bloomberg.

Dave Kopel has an excellent backgrounder on the PLCAA and why it was necessary to pass it.

No, next question. “Should Pennsylvania require every firearm to be a ‘smart gun’? The fact that this question is even being asked is why there won’t be any smart guns on the market. There’s enough people out there clearly signaling their intention to make them mandatory, we’ll destroy any manufacturer that produces one.

John Richardson found that the NRA Trump endorsement is actually pretty controversial based on an article he wrote. I fully expected they would endorse Trump, so it wasn’t a surprise to me. All that’s going to matter to them is having say on who gets to replace Scalia and any other future justice, and his list was pretty good.

Gunpocalypse continuing in California. I fear for California, der Krieg ist verloren. We’re only saving that state through exercising federal power under the 14th Amendment. Hang tight and hope the calvary comes.

OK, I’m starting to wonder if Townhall/Bearing Arms has an advertising agreement with SIG :) We are a house divided ourselves. Bitter is a SIG gal, whereas I am a Glock dude.

Thirdpower: “The only times ‘gun control’ can win is when they dump millions of dollars into it and lie to the public.” Yeah, basically.

DC Circuit Court of Appeals suspends order requiring DC to issue permits. You might be about to find out the cost of Obama stocking the DC circuit with as many judges as he has.

Pennsylvania Firearms Law Seminar to be held on August 6th.

Miguel: “Apparently the Brady Campaign does not read the news.


7 thoughts on “Weekly Gun News – Edition 38”

  1. Bitter is a SIG gal, whereas I am a Glock dude.

    Going with Bitter on this one, Sebastian. She has good taste. Nothing wrong with Glocks though. A true “house divided” is when you’re an H&K lover. Then you have serious problems of the “Dogs and Cats living together, mass hysteria!” variety.

  2. I don’t know if BA is pro-SIG, but they are very definitely anti-Glock-for-LE…as evidenced by Bob Owens’ LA Times editorial positing that Glocks (and other striker fired guns) were unsafe in the hands of cops.

  3. On Trevor Noah:

    It’s the bucket loads of smugness. That perfect smug smile timing after the audience applause. He probably spent endless hours watching Maher on YouTube to perfect his technique.

    Stewart was a pundit who at least acted to offer up a token of frustration on difficult subjects, e.g. Hitchens interview on Bush and the war on terror.

    This guy, in his shiny lure-bait suit, is probably getting to be a bit too much even for the young urban demographic.

  4. I’d like to see some secondary verification of that bit on Johnson. Looking at Bearing Arms’ source (Liberty Hangout), and their history, they seem to show a decidedly anti-Johnson slant.

  5. I agree with a lot of libertarian principles but not with the Libertarian party Gary Johnson behavior is a surprise But I have often though a lot of libertarians are social liberals, wishy washy on fiscal conservatism and fence sitters. They only seems to want drugs to be free. Many libertarians even here are haters of religious peoples and views. The only good was their passion on gun rights That type of disrespect (throwing gun in trash) is a total betrayal.

    1. It looks like he did it out of anger at what he saw as Petersen’s betrayal immediately after giving him the gun and pledging his support.

      He said Mr. Johnson was angry that almost immediately after giving him the pistol, Mr. Petersen started slamming Mr. Johnson’s running mate, former Massachusetts Gov. William Weld.

      It was a dick move on Petersen’s part, and Johnson understandably got pissed.

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