How Much Did the Gun Control Rhetoric Help Hillary?


Hillary laid the gun control rhetoric on strong in Connecticut, and it also happens that of all the states Hillary took in the “Acela Primary” she won Connecticut by the thinnest margin. While the fairly parse polling in Connecticut showed the race close, she didn’t effectively beat the margin of error in the polling averages. Additionally, while she took Newtown, she lost 5 out of the 8 surrounding towns to Bernie. She had been building on her lead earlier in the month. I’ve noticed that Hillary tends to do better the less she opens her yap.

I’m not saying guns was the prime motivating factor here, it’s just that often Democratic candidates retreat to the gun control rhetoric believing it will help them, when it’s pretty apparent it doesn’t. Donald Trump is running on a pro-Second Amendment platform, and comfortably blew Hillary out of the water on primary vote count in both Newtown and in every community surrounding it.

6 thoughts on “How Much Did the Gun Control Rhetoric Help Hillary?”

  1. My feeling in the last 2 presidential elections is that they were a lot about passion — like it or not Obama inspired that in voters and McCain and then Romney did not.

    For this election I have this feeling it’s going to be identified by a bizarre mix of passion, both positive and negative, and apathy.

    1. Passion of Trump Supporters.
    2. Passion of Trump and GOP Haters.
    3. Apathy about Hillary Clinton.

    Yeah — Hillary’s a woman and a Clinton and a trustworthy liberal, but everything about her just leaves a bad taste in your mouth and she’s SOOO much part of a political machine.

    I guess we’ll see how that all works out. No outcome would surprise me, but I’m still giving Trump a solid 50/50 chance — don’t like him, but he’s got something about him (and yeah — I’ll vote for him over Hillary any day and if you care about gun rights you will too).

    As for what kind of a President Trump would make … wouldn’t bet that one either way, but at least I’ll have voted for the 2nd amendment cause and proved that a pro-2nd candidate can win votes even if he doesn’t perform as expected after elected.

    1. You make a good point. Gunnies need to show up nationally for a candidate who (whether you trust him or not… and I’m leaning toward not, but who knows) has vocalized support for the 2A. Because that’s all the media will pick up on (or ignore, as is the routinely the case).

  2. Just thought the Happy Warrior (6) should note that this is one of the more positive posts here in a while. Thank you for that.

  3. I have said throughout the campaign that every time the Clinton campaign portrayed Sanders as “weak on gun control” or “a tool for the firearms lobby,” they were effectively campaigning for him. They may not have persuaded any real gun rights advocates of Sanders’ 2A bona fides, but they at least made it possible for Democrats who lean pro-gun in their personal lives, to convince themselves that Sanders was the lesser threat to something they value, sort of. Maybe not rationally, but understandably.

  4. She’s just a horrible politician who has won a single election in her career – and that was handed to her on a silver platter. Her anti-gun rhetoric in the primaries has sabotaged her chances in every swing state.

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