Bad News for Hillary

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Polling done by the NSSF shows that 72% of Americans disagree with Hillary Clinton on repealing the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act. Even a plurality of “Strong Democrats” favor PLCAA. Independents and voters who lean Democrat overwhelmingly support PLCAA.

Ultimately, I think people get that you don’t sue Seagrams from Drunk Driving accidents, and don’t sue McDonalds over the obesity epidemic. Culturally, I think we’re very well off with the right to keep and bear arms, despite an overwhelming cultural campaign over the past few years to try to consign us to the dustbin of history. Unfortunately, I think over the past several, gun rights politically is being swept along by winds from a brewing political storm of historic proportions, and our destiny is now well beyond our control.

Clinton stands a very good chance of winning in November, not because she’s popular, but because the Republican Party is not united, and may be in the process of completely cracking up. Obviously, with the court the way it is, we won’t have a Second Amendment if Hillary picks the next few justices on the court.

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  1. The thing none of us have wanted to face is that the United States has never had much of a constituency for individual liberty. We’ve always had a contest between (to use the common tongue) Authoritarians of the Left and Authoritarians of the Right. But Authoritarianism has always been the sine qua non of American politics. Now it is becoming obvious.

  2. I think the left sees the coming sea change. As people wake up to truths about progressiveism and social justice they reject it.

    So the left is furiously trying to rig the system in their favor before this awakening destroys them.

    This is why they want felons to vote, this is why they want to flood us with uneducated third worlders and get them registered to vote ASAP, this is why they want to criminalize “climate change denial”, this is why they want trannies molesting children in bathrooms, this is why they want to stack the SCOTUS with people that will undermine the Constitution, and this is why they’re pushing gun control at a time when gun control is about as popular as taxes on paper and tea in 1776.

  3. This might be the first year where a Libertarian candidate might almost be viable…

    (I can dream, can’t I?)

    Perhaps the oddest thing about the Libertarian Candidate is that technically he’s going to be the perfect compromise candidate, but that won’t necessarily out the way we would expect:

    Reporter: So, what’s you’re position on abortion?

    Libertarian: While I personally find it abhorrent, abortion should be legal, because we should be free to pursue our own moral choices. But no one should be forced to pay for something they find immoral, so no tax money should go to Planned Parenthood and other organizations that provide abortions.

    Conservative and Liberal (in unison): HERETIC! Burn him at the stake! But let’s draw and quarter him first, and burn his entrails before his eyes, and hang him but not until he dies! And then spread his ashes over the steps of the Capitol building for daring to state such heresy!

    1. No they aren’t. They are being imported in the millions, both legally and illegally. And most kids in this country are being born to households on some form of welfare.

      1. Then why is Bernie still running and still getting approximately half of the votes?

  4. You can be damned sure that Hillary’s polling and multivariate analyses of this issue is telling her otherwise.

  5. I really don’t think that the Supreme Court would reverse itself so quickly. Chief Roberts, if Obamacare taught us anything, is very weary of sticking the Court’s neck out of highly charged political issues. You think he’d allow a complete reversal of Heller and McDonald less than a decade after it passes? No way. We may not advance, but I don’t think that we would be brought back as quickly as some of you believe.

    1. I would say the chance they overturn Heller and McDonald explicitly is low. But the reason I think it’s low is because they can effectively overturn it without explicitly overturning it. All they really have to do is uphold every restriction that exists out there as constitutional. So it becomes a right in name only, without any true protections.

      1. So we need to get preemption done and we do that by bringing new gun owners into the movement and creating political pressure thusly.

        The only real thing I’m afraid of right now is what a panic buy will do to the marketplace for new gun owners for the foreseeable (2 years? 4 years?) future in driving prices up. How many got into the industry in part because of excess supply? There is obviously very little of that now, and it could get worse. The only saving grace is that the industry has been ramping up production for darn near three or four years now.

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