Bloomberg Piles on the Hillary Train to Save Her

Bernie Sanders

Hillary is starting to feel the Bern ahead of the California primary, with some polls showing Sanders pulling ahead. I’m cheering for Bernie. I worry he might actually be harder to beat in the general election than Hillary, but I think we have to worry less about the Joe Biden switcheroo if Bernie can take the race outright. That’s probably why Obama is endorsing Hillary.

I’m also cheering Bernie because Bloomberg’s gun control groups have endorsed Hillary Clinton, like that comes with more than a few thousand votes nationwide. You can read their article in the Sacramento Bee:

Our litmus test for candidates is that simple. Do they side with the public, or with the gun lobby, whose vision is at odds with creating a safer country?

Oh, that is rich. NRA has five million members, and generally speaking is supported in increments of 25 dollars from its mostly-not-rich members.

Everytown and Mom’s Demand Action is funded almost entirely by a single megalomaniacal billionare, and suddenly they are the public? The gun control movement was dying before Bloomberg came along and flushed it with fresh cash, and it was dying because the public wasn’t engaged enough in the issue to keep these organizations alive.

I’ll be cheering for Bernie tomorrow. A Bernie win would show their endorsement isn’t worth much, even in a Dem primary.

3 thoughts on “Bloomberg Piles on the Hillary Train to Save Her”

  1. Who would have thought that both parties would start to fracture in the same election cycle?

    Buckle up, we’re in for one heck of a ride

    1. I’m with you – it’s going to be an interesting ride. I think pretty much anyone who thought the whole thing was heading for the shitter figured this would happen, eventually. Timing is the only surprise for me.

      I won’t lie and claim I saw this coming this year. I figured we were probably 8-20 years from a full-on mental breakdown in the political realm. Not because we haven’t earned it, but only because I figured it would take that long for even idle watchers to realize we were overdue for reckoning. And I thought the implosion would start slower.

      I still don’t think we’ve reached peak melt-down, but we’re visibly on that glide path now.

      I, for one, have stocked up on popcorn and Bourbon.

      1. I was expecting the Republican coalition to fall apart after their next president failed to put a chicken in every pot. I guess I should have realized disappointment in Congress would have the same effect.

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