I’d Welcome Bloomberg to the Circus

Michael Bloomberg

Over the weekend, the big news was Mike Bloomberg talking about throwing his hat into the ring in 2016, especially if Bernie Sanders is the nominee. Gun folks should want him to enter the race. It will help keep his profile up, and there will be a lot of talk about his backing of gun control. If you notice, Everytown has distanced themselves from Bloomberg. He’s kept a low profile. When people think gun control, we want them to think Mike Bloomberg, King of soda control, Baron of bland food. If he enters the race, he’ll be in the spotlight again, and there will be a lot of talk linking him to his unpopular nanny state views, including Everytown. People will be talking about these things, and he’ll more than likely pull votes away from the Democrats. He’d also likely blunt the effects of a Trump independent run, should such a thing happen. I think overall it would be quite beneficial to have him join the circus that is the 2016 election.

5 thoughts on “I’d Welcome Bloomberg to the Circus”

  1. A trump independent run? JFC that buffoon is probably gonna be the nominee. Worse than that since the Democratic field is a criminal and a communist he’ll probably win.

    Then in 2020 we can have 10 time WWE heavyweight champion, President Hulk Hogan and Idiocracy will cement it’s place as a documentary….

  2. I am eager to vote for President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho.

    But more seriously, Trump could actually be good if he governs as a nationalist rather than a corporate whore and he retains his current positions on guns. Ordinary people have been ducked pretty badly by the constant stream of NAFTA type deal making by the powers that be over the past twenty to thirty years.

    1. Trump is an opportunist of the worst kind. He tries to pander to the religious right and gun owners, when it crystal clear that he doesn’t give a lick about either constituency. I’m not quite sure why people don’t see through his charade. He would sell us (the RKBA folks) down the river at the first opportunity.

  3. The DNC must have already decided that if it’s not Hillary they can’t win therefore the talks with billionaire to split the independent voters and counter the cash advantage of Trump and to a lesser degree the RNC that is way ahead of the dems in money in the bank. Don’t be surprised if billion bucks doesn’t run even with Hillary to split the independents that are running away from the dems.

  4. Trump talks a good gun game, but who knows what he actually believes? If he wins, and then proposes gun restrictions, how many Republicans would vote against THEIR President?

    Gunwise, I’m starting to think Sanders may be the least worst option. Yes, he’s making gun control noises, but that’s called “pandering to the base”; in the general election I suspect that’d go away (especially since gun control is a well-documented Dem killer). Here in California we have Jerry Brown. Despite being a die hard Democrat, he’s moderate on gun control, vetoing as often as signing.

    It would suck, but there are choices that would suck worse.

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