Bloomberg’s Result

Enjoy the schadenfreude while it lasts. I’m not sure who deserves credit for this, but whoever came up with this, bravo:


I first saw it on Miguel’s site. Of course, it’s pretty apparent Everytown and Bloomberg were gunning for the 10th district, but hedged their bets by doubling down on a safe race, so they could claim victory if they lost the important race. Hey, they spent more money in it anyway. Here’s how it went this morning:

Followed up quickly by NRA’s response:

That seat was held by the Democrats already, and the retiring incumbent was D rated by the NRA. If NRA had spent that kind of money to hold a safe seat in a single state senate race, I would have called them out for spending irresponsibility if it was not a key race, or they had some reason to fear. The fact is, when you look at that district, it should be a cakewalk for the Democrats.

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  1. Defeated in their own backyard?
    So is Bloomberg going to crow about their gun control victories in Mayland or in DC council elections?
    (Well *yes* they would)

    I’m reminded of the old joke about the war-propaganda talking about great victory after great victory… that happen to get closer and closer to the capital city…

  2. That’s one expensive plan B; and while it’s a good front for the LIVs, the professionals of elections are going to see what NRA posted; that despite an unprecedented amount of money spent, the results were not there.

    Bloomberg has enough money and influence that he doesn’t have to coordinate with the local campaign, but he’s not going to make himself popular by loudly barging in and screwing up the local dynamics, to a net loss of votes.

    This is Bloomberg’s biggest weakness, his ego.

  3. WashPo ran articles today specifically calling out Virginia as a major loss for Bloomberg and gun control.

    WashPo also said that yesterday’s elections continued the ascendance of conservatism nationwide, and even incorrectly credited the ouster of San Fran’s Sheriff to the red menace of conservatism (the new sheriff is supported heavily by the current city mayor and replaces a guy who was grossly incompetent even by progressive standards).

    Twitter posts won’t change much for Everymomma, when even the liberati at WashPo call them – and their cause – the big losers in VA yesterday.

  4. Anyone who has lived in northern VA knows firsthand how that senate district is drawn in a way that already heavily favors Dems. McPike won because of demographics, not because of Bloomberg or a desire for gun control.

  5. I wonder how much Bloomers’ involvement in the NOVA races hurt the Dems in the rest of the state? Outside the festering swamp and a couple of other areas, the resentment of “Yankee carpetbaggers” still runs strong, even ~125 years after the end of the Reconstruction Era.

  6. I assure you the “Bloomberg Factor” turned out lots of votes in The Valley, Southside, the mountain counties … well, you get the idea.

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