Bloomberg Shaping Up For a Run

We’re going to have President Obillery folks.  Mike Bloomberg is running petitions to make a third party run (via Instapundit).  It’s looking increasingly likely that this authoritarian fascist is going to be throwing his jack boot into the race.

Normally I would suggest Bloomberg will draw the authoritarian fascist vote away from Hillary, but McCain’s saving grace in the election, if there is any, is that he has strong appeal to independent voters who like McCain.  If Bloomberg draws right leaning independents away from McCain, it’ll easily hand the election to Obillery.

And that’s not even considering the fact that Ron Paul I think will also run as either an independent or Libertarian in the general election.  I don’t see what else he’s going to do with all that money.

Stock up on EBRs while you can, it’ll be a damned miracle if we don’t end up screwed with a Democratic Congress and Democrat in the White House.

8 thoughts on “Bloomberg Shaping Up For a Run”

  1. Last I heard, candidates can do almost anything they want with their campaign money once the race is over. Most just put it either in their pockets (and the pockets of all their relatives) and/or put into their next campaign fund.

    I mean, it’s not like Ron Paul isn’t planning on running again, right?

    That’s why many no-way-they’re-going-to-win candidates get into the race. They raise a lot of money through donations, get just enough votes to qualify for matching funds and then drop out and cash in their campaign funds and make a huge profit for themselves.

  2. But Michael Bloomberg is a billionaire…

    I believe there is an anti-New Yorker sentiment in this country, and Bloombergs plans will be for naught.

  3. Don’t know about any of you, but if I was a billionaire, I’d buy myself a little island, declare myself King and import nothing but pro-gunnies and naked chicks.

    Why deal with all the stress of holding a job, let alone high public office, when you can run around the beach all day holding onto a fruity drinkie-poo.

  4. Kaveman,

    I like your idea except I’ld modify it to just Pro-Gunnie Naked Chicks.

    But Bloomie doesn’t care about the money. He wants power.

  5. The reference to people running for office for fun and profit was not about Bloomberg, it was more about other people that do it. I can think of several people that didn’t stand a snowflakes chance in… hey what a coincidence that I’m saying that here… but ran anyway. They didn’t stand to gain any power, other than gaining more notoriety and name recognition and maybe better seats at restaurants.

    When their campaign ended, ka-ching! they cashed in big matching funds and unspent donations bucks. Not a bad way to make a living, actually. You’re really busy for several months every four years and then you can just coast until the next election rolls around.

  6. But it means that Bloomberg isn’t going to pull out… He’ll just spend millions to get his name on as many ballots as possible and pull votes away from the other candidates.

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