Blogaversary: Number Nine


It was nine years ago today, January 6, 2007, that I got started with this blog, and I do intent to make it to a full decade. That’s a lot of photons under the (FiOS) bridge. For those of you who have been reading from the beginning, thank you. For those of you who haven’t been reading that long, thank you too.

I always imagined my graceful exit from this genre would involve some decent protections for the Second Amendment from the courts, and the political fight headed in the right direction. I’m feeling pretty good about the latter, but not at all about the former. The latter could be unraveled with one bad election. The GOP won’t be in power forever, and at this point the Dems are fully dedicated to gun control.

I might not have the time anymore to do 10 posts a day, but it is not yet time to throw in the towel. We’re in a better place than I would have thought we would be after eight years of Obama, but there are very real threats on the horizon if the GOP continues to be a three ring circus.

By the time my Tin anniversary rolls around next year, we’ll know who the next occupant of the White House will be, and God help us no matter how this goes. But I will say this, if it’s Hillary Clinton, the Second Amendment will effectively be dead. The one thing I’d hate is to retire from this blog at some point in the future because all is lost.

12 thoughts on “Blogaversary: Number Nine”

  1. 3 ring circus?
    More like the Circus sideshow if you ask me. Full of freaks and fakes……

    Thank you for your efforts, you are the best source of PA gun related news I’ve found, and very well written.

  2. Congrats, and thanks to you and your readers for one of the most intelligent firearms blogs and discussions available! I’m glad to have found you guys via Jon B. at a Harrisburg rally a few years back.

  3. Congrats on the blogaversary! 9 years in blog years must be like dog years or something.

    Thanks for the opportunity when I was just getting started to guest blog as well as for all the traffic you’ve sent my way. I appreciate both more than you could know.

  4. Congrats I have no idea what year I started reading your blog It was before 2008 I think. Keep up the good work You are one of the few gun related blogs I read now.

  5. Congratulations and thanks. This blog is always enjoyable and informative. Even the commenters are worth a read, if I do say so myself.

  6. There is much that I am thankful for in this world. And one of those things is have such a wonderful source of info on 2A issues as this great blog. I read it nearly 5 times a week. So if you need anything to help keep you from burning out, please, let us know. You have friends you don’t even know… in places as far away as Washington State.

  7. I sincerely hope you continue past 10, but I would understand if you choose not to, in which case I shall take solace in all the blessings your blog been to me, to others, and to the cause of Liberty. Thank you, Sebastian!

  8. “…if it’s Hillary Clinton, the Second Amendment will effectively be dead.”

    Not that it would be a bed of roses, but I’m not convinced that another Clinton presidency would be able to cause that much damage. I would buy a 30-50 year stall in judicial progress, and thus would be an absolute disaster, but I’m not convinced that it would be quite as bad as you imply.

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