A Days Blogging

The real difficulty with working at a job that doesn’t have as much flexibility is that I can’t just blog when I’m inspired and make up the time. So when I come home, if I’m just not feeling it, the next day’s posts will suffer. Such was the case last night, so today I got up early to post. I appreciate everyone’s patience. If you don’t notice any difference, then success, but I have about 20 minutes to get a whole day’s worth of posts up.

2 thoughts on “A Days Blogging”

  1. I hear you…

    I find myself in a very similar boat. And often I’ll try to put together a post. But never get it up, lack of access, lack of time, or just too tired.

    Then it becomes old news. :-(

  2. I know the feeling.

    As to not blogging as much, I think most of us regular readers understand and are actually quite happy for you to have the new job.

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