Gun Stocks Rally After Obama Gun Control Speech

President Obama went on the air last night to reassure the nation he totally had this ISIS thing under control, and also to lecture us once again on gun control.

Lo and behold, gun stocks rally. Just when you wonder whether Obama’s talent for selling guns and NRA memberships can’t possibly hit new highs, it does hit new highs.

5 thoughts on “Gun Stocks Rally After Obama Gun Control Speech”

  1. I’m really surprised that his advisors haven’t told him to shut up about gun control by now. Objectively speaking, it’s making him look very weak to formally call for gun control 17 times. “Pretty please? Can we get some ‘sensible’ gun control now?”…

    1. He’s just laying the groundwork for whatever anti-gun executive orders he has up his sleeve for his last month or two in office.
      When the uproar ensues, he’ll play victim talking about the ‘sensible’ laws he’s been advocating and blame congress and the NRA…you name it.

      1. The longer he waits, the less entrenched any EOs become; and the easier it is for a successor to overturn them.

        I think he’s just out of ideas.

  2. All I heard was ”blah blah blah I’m a pussy attack us some more we won’t fight back.”

  3. Are we seeing the last gasps of air of the antis’ culture war front? Nearly every attempt from Obama and the media to rally gun control is having the exact opposite effect on the public.

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