The Anti-Gun Rally

Great Satan, Inc. wanted to do a little compare and contrast between a pro-Second Amendment rally and a planned gun control rally. Only they couldn’t find the anti-gun rally. By the end of the trip, they thought they might have possibly found the rally. However, they then realized that it may have just been office workers on a smoke break.

5 thoughts on “The Anti-Gun Rally”

  1. The fact they felt they needed more cops for an anti rights rally than for a pro gun rally (where alot of the people were probably packing) says ALOT!

  2. At today’s pro-rights rally, I only saw two officers. One was blocking the road for pedestrian traffic and the other was speaking at the event (Sheriff Paul Babeu). Organizers claim 1,500 attended. Many attendees were armed with sidearms and EBR’s, some with suppressors. There were no problems and no counter-protest.

    It does say a lot about how Arizona L.E. views lawful gun owners.

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