America Still Racist?

Your name can be Barack Hussein Obama, and you can be black, and you can be President.  America is not a racist country.  There was no Bradley Effect.  If you think about America going from forcing African Americans to sit on the back of the bus, to electing one President within a generation, that’s really not an achievement that should be discounted.  I am worried for my country because of the political outcome of this election, but there is a silver lining in this outcome.

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  1. Might one say “slightly less than half of the nation is obviously racist” ???

    After all The One did not win in a popular vote landslide; The WSJ as I compose this gives an estimate that he won 52% of that … which would be interesting, since I don’t think a Dem has broken 50.1% or 50.5% percent since LBJ’s special case blowout vs. Goldwater.

    Anyway, as soon as he sees effective resistance to getting something accomplished, we’ll be a racist nation again. There’s no way we can win the game of identity politics, e.g. white males like you (I assume) and I were born racist and can never expatiate that Original Sin.

  2. Of course America is still a racist country. Think of all those black people who voted for Obama just because he’s black.

  3. +1 to Breda. America is still racist, it just no longer whites that hold that distinction.

  4. Yep.. and Obama took 92+% of the black vote. Not to mention the exit interviews of people saying that “race was the deciding factor, I voted for him beacuse he’s black”. Just sayin.

    At the end of the day, anyone who casts a vote, for or against, based solely on skin color is a sh*tbag.

  5. Uhm, you guys claiming that Obama getting 92% of the black vote is racism on the part of African-Americans are forgetting one very simple fact—Obama was the Democratic candidate. Both Gore and Kerry also got over 90% of the black vote, that’s just how it works: African-Americans always vote overwhelmingly Democratic. And the thing is, you already know this. So stop crying racism, it’s ridiculous.

    Sebastian’s post is correct. There will always be racists and racism (in any society), but we’re past the point where skin color can prevent someone from achieving the highest office in the land if they work hard and strive for it. There is still institutionalized and individual racism, but African-Americans can overcome it if they want to—maybe that’s why Jesse Jackson was crying last night :)

  6. “Of course America is still a racist country. ”

    Yep. I’ll believe that the stain of racism has finally been washed away when a black Republican is elected. Till then it’s just racism of a different color, so to speak.

  7. He’s a man. Ran for Governor of Pennsylvania in 2006 against Rendell and lost. He was a professional football player. That was basically his card. No political experience prior. Did surprisingly well for such a shitty candidate.

  8. Yeah, he won about 100 Super Bowls with the Pittsburgh Steelers in the 70’s.

    It still amazes me that African-Americans continue to vote Democrat. In my experience, it continually hurts them. How does Philly fare for blacks after almost 60 years of Democrat rule? Not too good.

  9. African-Americans continue to vote Democrat because of stuff like this. It’s no wonder that they embrace the party that apparently values them as voters and shun the party tries to trick them into voting on November 5th every four years.

    As for your question, you’re right—blacks in Philly don’t have it so great under Democrats. But what makes you think they’d have it any better under Republicans? Your question implies that politicians of one party or the other can fix what’s broken in the black community. I for one happen to think nobody can fix it but the black community themselves.

  10. While those things are horrible, it’s still not enough to convince me to vote democrat. Idiocy isn’t native to one party. Had the democrats been trailing in the polls, you’d see similar idiocy from that side.

  11. But I’m not talking about “idiocy”—something supporters of both parties have in droves—I’m talking about racist idiocy specifically, explaining why African-Americans generally don’t feel welcome in the GOP.

    If Colin Powell was the GOP candidate and was ahead in the polls, you would not see Democrats wearing “NIGGER PLEASE, IT’S A WHITE HOUSE” shirts and making fake food stamps with his face and watermelon on it—that’s just delusional.

    The lefties do tons of stupid shit, but overt racist attacks is generally not one them.

  12. Anyone who thinks there isn’t racism on the left hasn’t spent much time in a union shop. The union vote is plenty racist, and to a large degree unions are, or at least were, racist institutions designed to keep jobs in the “right” hands. The problem is, racists on the right seem to think that their racism should be part of the political platform. The good thing is the GOP largely made them unwelcome when Pat Buchanan made his exit, but those people are still out there in positions in the party they really need to be removed from.

  13. “If Colin Powell was the GOP candidate and was ahead in the polls, you would not see Democrats wearing “NIGGER PLEASE, IT’S A WHITE HOUSE” shirts and making fake food stamps with his face and watermelon on it—that’s just delusional.”

    You’re right. You wouldn’t see that specifically. But you’d see what I see all the time as a black Republican: He’d be called an Uncle Tom, Race Traitor, House Negro, and pretty much every other term that’s been leveled against a black man that doesn’t adhere to the stereotype of what a black man is supposed to be.

    And sadly, the majority of that comes from black Democrats.

  14. Sebastian, I agree completely. I in no way am claiming that there is not racism on the left—that would be delusional as well—but rather that those on the left who are racist try to hide it, whereas those on the right appear to revel in it; and the rest of the left is not friendly to overt racism, whereas it seems to be more accepted on the right. And that’s why African-Americans vote Democratic and not Republican, which is all I was saying. They vote for the party that welcomes them. They don’t feel valued by the GOP, so they don’t support the party ::shrug::

    And yes, Gerald, I agree that that would happen, much as Bill Cosby was attacked for speaking the unpleasant truth. But that’s not really what I was talking about.

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