Dick Morris on President Obama

Admittedly, he’s probably no fan of President Obama (given his ties to the Clinton’s), but his take on Obama’s problems versus President Clinton’s at about the same time is highly interesting. President Clinton returned to the center after ’94; can President Obama do the same if he loses a friendly Congress in ’10?

(Edit: I should have looked closer – while Dick Morris was a member of the Clinton White House team, he’s currently referring to Republicans as “we” in other posts.)

6 thoughts on “Dick Morris on President Obama”

  1. “Admittedly, he’s probably no fan of President Obama”, and
    “currently referring to Republicans as “we””?
    Are you serious? Where have you been?
    He’s been a regular fox news shill for quite a number of years now, as has his republican position.
    Any Clinton/Democratic alliance he once had is WAY past ancient history!
    As (almost) everyone knows.

  2. Not watching Fox News is where I’ve been…

    I don’t watch TV news at all (and never really have); I get my news via the web, and that mostly at CNN, NYTimes, and via links from bloggers.

  3. I haven’t watched TV for years, and get my news via the web.
    Dick Morris has long been interesting (and often referenced/linked by bloggers) because he was in Clinton’s inner circle, and defected to the far right. He has great insights into the the Left and can articulate them with conservative sensibilities and terminology.

  4. Dick gets a little het up now and then but he is far, far from stupid.

    Definitely should be at least a data point on any issue.

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