And End to the Debate: Of Course They Want Your Guns

Joe Huffman, who tracks instances of people demanding prohibition and confiscation, notes about the New York Times front page editorial (the first since 1920!):

Yesterday Barb and I were at the range with a relatively new shooter and her husband. The check-in counter and gun store was packed with people. I supposedly had the training bay reserved for them but it was packed with a class.

And that will be the end result of all this. Each time the New York Times or Obama opens their mouths, it’s minting tends of thousands of new gun owners.

This New York Times op-ed is a keeper. It should forever refute the accusation that it’s NRA driven right-wing paranoia that there are powerful forces working to disarm you.

Supposedly Barack Obama is going on TV tonight to lecture the nation once again about more gun control. Personally, I think this is all an attempt to try to draw attention away from the fact that we just got hit by ISIS, and that the current occupant of the White House doesn’t have the first clue what he’s doing.

3 thoughts on “And End to the Debate: Of Course They Want Your Guns”

  1. “the current occupant of the White House doesn’t have the first clue what he’s doing.”

    Really? I think he knows EXACTLY what he’s doing!
    He’s leading the charge of muslims trying to destroy America.

    Doesn’t anyone remember the announcement the the terrorists made after 9/11???
    “The Next Attack will come from the Inside”
    I believe Barry Soetoro and all his Muzzie Cabinet members Are that attack.

    1. I won’t say there aren’t days I believe that. But I think Barry’s prime directive is to make sure, no matter what, it’s the next president that has to fight a war and not him.

  2. “Fundamentally Transform America”
    Illegal Immigration
    Rule of Law
    Employment participation has fallen to the 1970’s levels.

    He has fundamentally transformed the entire world, especially the Mid-East.

    Libya is a failed state. Egypt avoided that fate only due to a military coup against the Muslim Brotherhood. Obama wanted the military to give power back to the disfunctional Muslim Brotherhood! The Sinai has AlQaeda terrorists attacking the Egyptian Army and the Israeli border. Iraq was stabilized (finally) from 2008 until we left in 2012. Now look at it. Syria? Lebanon is peaceful until Hezbollah’s shooters come back from Syria.

    Saudi Arabia is building a huge border wall on the Iraqi Border. It looks like the Maginot Line-lite. Shia Houthi in Yemen are dividing it with AlQaeda while Obama’s drones kill from above.

    Transformation is not necessarily a positive thing.

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