Radio Hysterics

1010AM in New York is reporting that New York City will be put in danger by Wyoming’s weak gun laws if Congress passes national reciprocity.  Considering New York City has a violent crime rate roughly three times that of Cheyenne, I don’t think New Yorkers get to lecture Wyomians on what constitutes sound public safety measures.

9 thoughts on “Radio Hysterics”

  1. considering Wyomites (what IS the term?) have NO desire to visit the big crapple I doubt it.

    1. It’s relevant, regardless of the fact that it’s on AM. 1010Wins is the go-to radio station for traffic which means lots of commuters listen to it. (And it’s not Air America.) Unfortunately, they are anti-gun, yet they reach so many. Not to mention, being on AM doesn’t mean much. Think about some of the biggest personalities on AM: Rush, Laura Ingraham, and Hannity. It’s possible to use the airwaves to get out our message.

  2. 1010Wins is without a doubt the biggest media/news outlet in the NY Metropolitan area simply because they are the go to station for traffic and weather.

  3. Having grown up in Wyoming (the state, not the many towns across the country), I feel safer there than any of the other larger towns and cities I’ve visited.

    The permitting process in WY is pretty straight forward. Take your class, pay your fee, go to the SD and submit your application, wait, and viola! There you go. The interesting thing about WY’s permit is it takes the place of the NICS check when buying from a dealer. Another interesting feature is that if you’re a veteran in good standing (no disqualifiers of any kind) you don’t have to take the class.

    And the best part? They’re Shall Issue there.

    I’ll take WY over NYFC anytime.

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