Reminder for Pennsylvanians on Election

We have critical judicial races coming up next Tuesday, November 3rd. NRA has issued a few endorsements, which I will relay to you. You may have already seen them if you’re on their list:

Tuesday, November 3, is Election Day in Pennsylvania.  Your NRA-PVF ( has endorsed Judge Emil Giordano for Superior Court and Paul Lalley for Commonwealth Court.

Over recent years, many of your Second Amendment rights have been ultimately decided by the courts, such as the Ortiz v. Commonwealth PA Supreme Court case that struck down local firearms bans in the Commonwealth and the historic District of Columbia v. Heller United States Supreme Court case that overturned the ban on handguns for self-defense in the home in Washington D.C.

It is critical to elect judges who interpret our Constitution the way that our Founding Fathers intended at all levels.  On Tuesday, November 3, remember to vote for NRA-PVF endorsed candidates, Judge Emil Giordano and Paul Lalley. 

For a complete list of NRA-PVF endorsements, click here.

Be sure to turn out. This is an off year, so the gun vote could make quite a difference.

Not speaking about gun races specifically, but we also have Supreme Court elections, and I’d keep that in mind too. The Supreme Court has a lot of say in the drawing of districts, so it would not be, in my opinion, a good thing to have that in Democratic hands next census.

4 thoughts on “Reminder for Pennsylvanians on Election”

  1. We also have a special election here in PA-37. Our Dem Senator, Matt Smith, who was getting incrementally worse on gun rights as time went on, resigned to take a Chamber of Commerce gig. Iraq War vet and former judge Guy Reschenthaler is NRA endorsed as he rated AQ while his opponent, who seems like a cookie cutter progressive, never responded to the questionnaire. This is a good pick-up opportunity in the senate.

  2. According to the NRA site I have “No Current Elections”?
    Aren’t the court races state wide?
    Yes I searched by my address, and that’s what it came up with.
    Oh, and the PA-37 special election showed up until I put in My Address, doesn’t the NRA consider judge elections at all important?

    1. I don’t think they have that race up. When I complain NRA doesn’t have its technology act together, this is the stuff I’m talking about.

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