Pennsylvanians: Don’t Forget Tomorrow’s Elections

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NRA has endorsed candidates in the off-year elections tomorrow, November 3rd. It is very important for every gun voter to show up this year. PVF’s web site looks like it’s finally correct, and has all the endorsed candidates. FOAC also has their slate of candidates up, with some further local races you might want to pay attention to. We elect judges in Pennsylvania, and that’s mostly what this election is about. The Supreme Court plays a big role in drawing of districts, and realize that if the Dems manage to take full control of this state in their current “wild-eyed leftist and loving them some gun control” incarnation, your gun rights will be finished. This is no exaggeration. The important statewide candidates:

Supreme Court

  • Anne Covey (R)
  • Michael George (R)
  • Judith Olson (R)

Superior Court

  • Emil Giordano (R)

Commonwealth Court

  • Paul Lalley (R)

Also, if you live in State Senate District 37, which comprises parts of Allegheny and Washington counties, you have a special election tomorrow where Guy Reschenthaler (R) is the NRA and FOAC endorsed candidate.

4 thoughts on “Pennsylvanians: Don’t Forget Tomorrow’s Elections”

  1. No offense, but the FOAC guide seems lacking. “No suitable candidate” has been listed for pretty much every office in Lancaster County for the last two elections.

    The Sheriff is pro-2A as far as I know. He signs NFA forms (when he’s actually in his office). As for our commissioner candidates, who among them is anti-2A? Or is this because they didn’t return questionnaires? Seeing as how that is one of four criteria used to determine eligibility, I have to believe FOAC knows something else they aren’t letting on.

    1. When it comes to gun rights in PA, county commissioners matter about as much as the register of wills. The only thing a commissioner’s seat has it that it can be a step the state legislature.

  2. I’ll be hitting up the polls on my way home from work to vote for our pro-gun candidates. Hopefully Guy pulls it off and I can have both a state senator and representative that respects my 2A rights.

    Speaking of FOAC, since I do notice they list “no suitable candidate” for my area in the Allegheny County council, has the council ever had the opportunity (or even authority) to impact our rights one way or the other? My councilman may be a Dem but as far as I know not taken any kind of stance on guns. When it comes to county government, I can get behind a Dem if they focus on the economy and mostly stay away from the social issues.

  3. Does anyone know if the Republican candidates for Supreme Court have ever actually done anything pro-gun? They appear to be long on social conservative endorsements, but I’d hate to think the NRA is endorsing them based only on an assumption of some sort of issues-correlation.

    Other organizations (like GOA) have a tendency to give a lot of energy to personalities who have proven track records on social conservative issues, while having a history of not much but talk when it comes to gun rights. I’d hate to see that tendency crossing over.

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