Election Day 2011 NRA Endorsements

Tuesday is Election Day! We’ll be heading out to vote tomorrow, and I hope you folks will be as well. (If you don’t live in PA, this post doesn’t really relate to you, but you can visit the PVF page for endorsements in your state.)

Did you know the NRA has issued endorsements in several of the judicial races? Yeah, you’d think as EVCs, we would have been told before Cam mentioned it on NRA News last week… Oh well, we know now.

For the Supreme Court, NRA supports J. Michael Eakin.

At the Superior Court level, NRA supports Vic Stabile.

For Commonwealth Court, NRA supports Anne Covey.

Polls open at 7am and close at 8pm. There will likely be absolutely no wait, so don’t tell me you don’t have time to go vote.

5 thoughts on “Election Day 2011 NRA Endorsements”

  1. Thanks for letting me know… I was absolutely clueless. I will be voting today!

  2. done.

    Also… stopped by the gun shop on the way home. My rights have been well exersized today!

  3. Anytime I can in some small way contribute to the demise of left-wing, liberal, (do I repeat myself here?) anti-2nd Amendment candidates or elected officials, I gladly do.

    I will definitely be out at the polls today casting my vote for these pro-2nd A Candidates and others!

  4. “. . .you’d think as EVCs, we would have been told before Cam mentioned it. . .”

    Yours not to reason why, yours but to do or die.

    Another nice touch would have been for them to tell you the reason for the endorsement, so you could pass along the information. They don’t care enough to tell us the reason, but we’re supposed to care enough to vote on faith alone.

  5. To embellish my above comment, I checked with our state RKBA group “Firearms Owners Against Crime” ( http://www.foac-pac.org ) and found that they are opposing the retention of NRA endorsed J. Michael Eakin. But, they also don’t say why. Still, it leaves one to wonder, and it would help if someone would give a justification for their position. I don’t hold either FOAC or the NRA to necessarily be credible, so I’d like to see their reasoning.

    Not that it’s relevant but I see that Eakin gathered a campaign war chest of $526,000 for an unopposed race. It appears he has all of the Republican establishment in the state on his side, but people are expressing puzzlement over why so much money came to an unopposed judicial race.

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