Nick Johnson: “The Progressive Gun-Control Charade”

Prof. Nick Johnson has an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal [UPDATE: Link fixed] calling out progressives on their policy solutions. Namely, speaking of the recent endorsement of confiscation schemes:

As a candidate, Barack Obama said that he had no interest in trying to take peoples’ firearms. Now, beyond the influence of voters, the president has begun to elaborate his true inclinations. This month he praised Australia’s far-reaching gun-control efforts. In 1996, after a lunatic used a semiautomatic rifle to kill 34 people in Tasmania, the Australian government banned all semiautomatic rifles and repeating shotguns. Owners of these roughly 700,000 firearms (about a quarter of the country’s three million total guns) were required to turn them in for destruction. The government called this a “buyback,” but no one had a choice.

Read the whole thing. I agree that in some respects, the honesty is refreshing. To quote the great Han Solo, “Bring ’em on, I’d prefer a straight fight to all this sneaking around.”

11 thoughts on “Nick Johnson: “The Progressive Gun-Control Charade””

  1. > Bring ’em on

    It makes me so happy to see someone who knows how apostrophes work. :-)

    1. Whenever I hit a paywall, I’ll try to select the title of the article and then Google it. A lot of times, the newspaper in question wants people to be able to find and read articles found via searching, as opposed to linking….

  2. Weird. If I google the title and go the the WSJ site from google, it works. If I click on the link from your blog post (which ultimately points to the exact same URL) I get paywalled.

    Must be some referral check some marketing genius came up with …

  3. I changed the link to the Google search link. It seems to work for me. If I had realized, I wouldn’t have linked it. I hate paywalls.

  4. Since we are quoting Han Solo:

    Hokey [gun control schemes] and ancient weapons are no substitute for a good blaster at your side

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