Punching Back Twice as Hard

Mockery is a powerful way to influence public opinion. This bit from Californians Opposing Gun Restrictions is brilliant:

Gavin Newsom on Guns

10 Responses to “Punching Back Twice as Hard”

  1. TS says:

    I think we really want to stress the slippery slope. California already banned the sale and import of magazines over 10 rounds over 15 years ago. They called it “common sense” and “reasonable” then. Now they want you in jail. Now they want to reneg on the grandfather clause they built into that ban, as they will always do when they feel they can. California now admits that bans on sales are not the answer- they need confiscation. We need to hold Hillary to this when she wants to ban sales nationwide, but says if you like your current magazines, you can keep them. Because gun control is more of a state and local issue now, there are opportunities to pit locales against each other because they are working at different points in the disarmament timeline. They won’t bite, because they will never show any ill will towards any level of gun control, but it draws attention to how they are not after just a few common sense tweaks.

  2. RAH says:

    This is brilliant We do need to destroy the political lives of those who want us in jail or dead.

  3. NotClauswitz says:

    Too bad it’s on Facebook. Gavin Newsom is a notorious greaseball hair’d coke-addled idiot. His father was the Attorney/Judge who was owned by the Getty oil-family and the only reason he’s even in politics is the machinery behind him. He’s a puppet.

  4. tincankilla says:

    note that the lady in the picture is not Ruby Rippey, the blonde wife of his friend.

  5. tincankilla says:

    a contribution from the CA chapter of the LGC:

    • Brad says:

      That is very interesting, and a plausible accusation against Newsom. So the question is, is the real driving force behind the anti-gun referendum effort Newsom running for Governor? Or is it Bloomberg using his money to push gun control?

      Don’t see why it can’t be both. And worse. Bloomberg is buying the next governor of California.

      Wow. How 19th Century. Eastern money dominating Western politics.

  6. TS says:

    Gavin also signed one of the few cases of what can legitimately be called a total gun ban. Ban on the sale and transfer of all long arms and ammunition, ban on the possession of handguns with confiscation:

  7. Secession from the Union isn’t lawful. What about expulsion?