Time is Running Out for New Jersey Gun Owners

ANJRPC is alerting members to keep up the pressure on Gov. Chris Christie:

Please keep urging Governor Christie to veto A2006 / S993 (gun ban / mag ban). We must continue to mount a sustained campaign until the Governor acts. If he takes no action, the bill will automatically become law when the deadline passes in early July. Talking points on this legislation can be found here.

10 thoughts on “Time is Running Out for New Jersey Gun Owners”

  1. Anyone who likes guns and still lives in NJ is borderline suicidal and delusional IMO…..

    Same for NY, California, Connecticut, Massachusetts……

    1. You know… moving ain’t easy. I got a good career here and family. Maybe one day… but not today.

      1. Chances are, since it’s a career and not a job, you’re skills are portable and you’re not locked to one location. No matter where you live in NJ, it’s still just 1 hour to Pa. Then there are the other reasons to leave NJ. Property taxes, car insurance, high cost of property. People who won’t vote with their feet are consenting to what NJ is doing to them.

      2. Its easier than living in a slave state.

        You may have a good career- but half your money goes to the state. You’ll find better careers with better taxes and better laws elsewhere.

        Your family will understand. I’m liberating my fiancé from New Jersey, its time you liberated your family too.

    2. Be careful what you wish for. The reason PA is turning blue is because of people getting the exact government they wanted in NY, NJ, and MD, and then realizing that it sucks. So, having killed the host, they move on to other states to repeat the same process without learning a damned thing.

      So yeah, the best thing we could hope for out of commie states is a 50-foot wall keeping them all in.

      1. A lot of people seem to be ignoring the obvious: chemtrails! Is there any other rational explanation why NJians would pass this legislation?

        Oh, wait a second, isn’t this part of the democratic process whereby people vote in officials who in turn advocate their concerns? It could be that a majority of NJers think that magazines greater than 10 bullets are unnecessary and see no great loss in this legislation.

        It’s funny how states’ rights advocates quickly become federalists when the issues are contrary to their wishes.

        1. Why hello strawman, funny that you’re the one bringing up conspiracy theories.

          Fascinating to see that this is the topic where you’re back.

          Anyone want to wager the odds that next niccolo will deny there’s no slippery slope? Or that (this time) he’s not after our guns.

          So…. niccolo are there issues where *you* think were despite a majority of voters wanting something it would be wrong? And if say there was some federal legislation overturning magazine bans would *you* go all states rights?

        2. The rational explanation is that they’ve been fooled and lied to by the media.

          Sure, its part of the democratic process, but in our system we hold rights higher than democracy. The system is build to protect from the tyranny of one, of a few, and of a majority. It protects the minorities. So somethings are off limits.

          A majority of Jersians may think that, but they have no evidence or logic for their thoughts, and besides, because it affects a right, what they think doesn’t matter- its unconstitutional.

          Its funny how you don’t understand states’ rights. If NJ wants to secede and not have to follow the Constitution, that’s up to them. But while they are a part of the Union, they must abide.

  2. The optimist in me is asking:
    Is he waiting for the NJ Legislature to adjourn before vetoing?

    The Pessismist is asking:
    Is he just going to ‘forget’ about it and “OOPS, I guess it is now law.”?

  3. Signing the law would suck for Jersians, but it could save the rest of us from President Christie. If republicans nominate that RINO there is no hope left for this country.

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