How’s That “Corporate Gun Lobby” Meme Going?

This article from CNN Money destroys the notion that NRA is funded by the gun companies and is primarily concerned with selling guns for the industry. Keep this article link handy when you see this meme pop up on the Internet. It pops up often. There’s an important psychological reason that the gun control groups push this meme hard. No one really feels bad for corporations, and especially people on the left feel empowered by taking on entrenched corporate interest.

If NRA is just a corporation representing merchants of death out of make a profit, you can call them terrorists and keep smiling at yourself in the mirror. If you’re fighting to stop the tainted profits of an evil industry, you can go to bed at the end of the day feeling righteous.

But if instead you are calling millions of your fellow citizens terrorists, and fight to take away something your fellow Americans cherish and believe is very important, rather than being a Social Justice Warrior speaking truth to the corporate death machine, you instantly transform into a horrible person.

So don’t let them get away with telling themselves and their fellow travelers soothing untruths. Remember this article, and spread it forth. No one can accuse CNN of being conservative stooges.

8 thoughts on “How’s That “Corporate Gun Lobby” Meme Going?”

  1. I’m wondering how that got published on CNN, did Bloomberg forget to make his weekly payment or something?

  2. Thanks, I’d have never found that on my own. And thanks for the archive Aaron–you never know when they’re going to pull narrative-breaking articles.

  3. I feel sorry for you having to pay attention to CNN to find that, my condolences for the harm to your IQ it must cause.

  4. They also had this article about how the writer thought the NRA could be brought down like a few other political organizations like big tobacco, but he strangely didn’t mention the Brady Campaign…

    I honestly keep CNN as my mainstream news source just so I can see what the anti’s are thinking. I have to balance it out with places like this so I don’t get too high blood pressure.

    1. Yeah, I read that article/editorial too. I thought it was most hilarious when it equated the NRA to the Anti-Saloon League. Since in truth it is the anti-gun movement which most resembles the temperance movement.

  5. Naive. If you want to see how willing leftists are to declare ordinary people as terrorists and kill them, google kulaks.

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