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Says General Wesley Clark on Geraldo:

I think we need to re-institute the assault weapons ban in the United States.  If people want machine guns, let them join the military.  We got em!  But for public and personal use, absolutely not.  That’s how they are getting across the border, and what the Mexican Government has asked of us is, “Please, cut off the flow of machine guns coming from the United States into Mexico.”

General Clark and Geraldo Rivera pretty clearly need a lesson in American gun laws, because when we speak of “assault weapons” we’re not talking about machine guns.  It’s amazing how this bit of disinformation just refuses to die.  Say what you will about Josh Sugarmann being dishonest, but he was right.  This issue is one of the most brilliant and effective disinformation campaigns ever waged in the court of public opinion.

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  1. So Ashley Wilkes is now coming out for the AWB? Geez, this from a guy that almost created a serious international incident with the Russians in Bosnia. What friggin’ douchebag!

  2. Wesley Clark has probably been the biggest libtard with a military background to ever come down the pike. Long before aspiring to running for the presidency, Clark played a part in the FBI’s massacre of children and civilians during their siege of the Branch Davidian compound in Waco, Texas, by loaning the FBI two Abrams tanks while he was in command of nearby Fort Hood. Clark also was at the helm of Bill Clinton’s pointless and unconstitutional United-Nations-governed “peacekeeping” missions in the Balkans. Wesley Clark clearly believes in the righteousness and supremacy of global government, and that those who dissent should be mercilessly crushed by military hardware.

    Considering all of the above, It really should come as no surprise to any Second Amendment supporters that Wesley Clark is now erroneously and/or disingenuously referring to semi-automatic AR-type rifles and others similar to them, which are legally and widely sold in this country, as “machine guns.” Such hyperbole can only further the push for a new and permanent semi-automatic firearm ban in this country.

  3. Actually, his line about joining the military is old hat. He used it on the campaign trail when he was running in the Dem primary in 2004. It was also famously, or perhaps not so famously to people outside of Bucks County, borrowed by Congressman Patrick Murphy.

  4. IIRC Clark was one of the few people who had donations from the Brady Bunch during his 04 run.

  5. I don’t think that either Geraldo or Wes are misinformed; I think that was absolutely intentional, what they did.

    I’m done with making excuses for these folks.

  6. It’s possible, Dock, but I never attribute to malice that which could be attributed to ignorance. If Josh Sugarmann’s deception is the signal, the carrier wave is the vast sea of ignorance that exists out there. Politicians don’t necessarily understand or know the laws they mess with, or propose to mess with.

  7. I’m with Sebastian on that; just being a General doesn’t mean that Gen. Clark knows anything about actual firearms laws in the United States.

    He’s was in the Army for just barely less than the time I’ve been alive, so I’d be shocked if he wasn’t out of touch with civilian firearms ownership laws – after all, most non-gunnies are completely ignorant of them*.

    And I’d also be shocked if, as a politician, he bothered to do any research before simply accepting claims about “machine-gun smuggling from the US into Mexico” at face value.

    * I mean, how many people have you talked to who thought “the NRA wants kids to own machineguns” and “anyone can buy a machinegun at a gun show now that the assault weapons ban is gone, right?”

  8. Geraldo was too busy helping illegals cross the border to care about the facts

  9. “Please, cut off the flow of machine guns coming into the United States into Mexico.”

    That can’t be coming INTO both the usa AND mexico unless they’re coming from somewhere else. Yes, they could just be fluctuating constantly as they cross the border, but I don’t buy that. Of course, I also don’t buy any of this horseshit about the US gun shops being responsible for machine guns and grenades and RPGs flowing into mexico.

    Now, if you want to take that quote as face value the corrupt mexican .gov is asking us to end military aid shipments to them. I’d be down for that.

  10. I can recall seeing the first inklings of this “Mexican gun running” farce almost a whole year ago.

    It was in the form of an ABC News piece on how the Mexican drug cartels were supposedly winning their war against the Mexican authorities just because they had some FN Five-seven pistols, ones which ABC News purported had been smuggled into Mexico from the USA, even though these pistols are actually made in Belgium from what I have heard.

    Now here we are a whole year later, with neo-socialists running amok all over the executive and legislative branches of our federal government, and their newest angle to disarm us, the lawful American public that is, seems to be their whining about a phony “gun crisis” in a thoroughly corrupted bordering nation, a “gun crisis” that our Second Amendment freedoms can supposedly be blamed for!

    I am just a bit upset now in case anybody’s wondering.

  11. Geraldo also said “nobody needs an AK47 to hunt ducks” LOL!!!
    This illegal alien sympathizer wants to ban assault weapons and he doesn’t even know what kind of gun people use to hunt ducks with? Either he’s lying or he’s a complete idiot, I’m betting it’s a combination of both.

  12. I’m with Sebastian on that; just being a General doesn’t mean that Gen. Clark knows anything about actual firearms laws in the United States.

    I call bollocks. Wesley Clark has been parroting that line since 2004; he has had nearly adequate time to learn better.

    In any case, he ought to know just what the hell his oath of service meant. He is the lowest of the low.

  13. I wonder if Josh Sugarmann knows Adolf Hitler invented the name “assault rifle”. I love to see Josh and Adolf’s names irrevocably linked.

  14. Sounds eerily similar to Himmler’s famous quote:

    “Germans who wish to use firearms should join the SS or the SA – ordinary citizens don’t need guns, as their having guns doesn’t serve the State.”

    ~ Heinrich Himmler; Reichsführer-SS

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