Weekly Gun News – Edition 15


We here in and around Philadelphia are anxiously awaiting the popeocalypse. Being non-catholic, I have no plans to go into the city to engage in any pope watching. The way the media has been portraying it around here, you’d think it’s going to be mass hysteria, hence why people have adopted the popeocalypse hash tag. My prediction is everyone will be scared away by predictions of chaos, and the crowd will be much smaller than expected. With that out of the way, let’s get to the news:

Pope Frances once again gets on his arms manufacturer bandwagon. I should remind you that the pope has an armed guard who use guns that were manufactured by someone. It was this gun, this gun, and this gun that helped take down Hitler. Pope Francis strikes me as a naive figure, in a way that John Paul II assuredly was not.

This proposal from the City of Missoula, Montana almost certainly violates the state preemption law. They are trying to find whatever hole they can to bring back the idea of local regulation of firearms. That way, gun owners, who can’t possibly know thousands of local laws, can more easily be imprisoned where people like Bloomberg think we belong.

Mike “the gun guy” is looking at the bright side of the Heller III ruling. I don’t think anyone on our side claimed it was a victory. I personally don’t think registration or training should be allowed as a prior restraint on purchasing a firearm, and registration should be flat out unconstitutional. As I said, partial win. The court rightly saw gun rationing for what it is, at least.

Half of all Americans think the government is a threat to freedom. I guess we’re all insurrectionists now, or at least half of us are, by CSGV’s standards.

There’s often a lot more to these stories of victimhood if you dig.

Trump’s policy position on guns isn’t too bad.

NRA endorses State Senator John Edwards in Virginia. This is the guy CSGV lead a pathetic protest against. Well, let’s see you deliver some hurt, CSGV. The game is on. Can you hurt Edwards where it counts? At the ballot box?

NRA is being investigated in Connecticut after anti-gun group complains. NRA maintains they have followed the law on this matter.

A win for knife rights in New York.

New Jersey lawmakers fail to override Chris Christie’s veto of a gun control bill.

Lawsuit over campus carry in Missouri tests how far strict scrutiny can go. They recently passed an enhancement to the RKBA provision demanding the courts apply strict scrutiny.

More radical nonsense from Coalition to Stop Gun Violence. I’ll join with Bob’s reiteration that their coalition partners should be aware of what they are doing. This is not mainstream,  this is a crazy train position this group is taking, and CSGV is far from the only one.

Florida isn’t processing as many new applications for gun permits. Better reciprocity is probably also contributing to this. Florida only gets me about 3 more states than my PA license does, but since Delaware is one of them, I hold on to it.

The recall petitions for Oregon legislators who voted for gun control have failed. Generally speaking, you’re going to get some signatures dismissed. Groups usually collect at least 20% more than they need. Perhaps they were running out of time. Gun control groups are saying this shows the tide us turning in their favor.

Campus Carry is on the move in Florida.

SayUncle: “On lights and guns

RPG v. bullet proof glass.

Elizabeth Price Foley: “The House GOP would be well advised to stop fighting its own base, listen to them, and select someone from the House Freedom Caucus–which has been fighting Boehner tooth and nail–who would unify the party with its own voters. Someone like Raul Labrador, Mark Meadows, or Jim Jordan.” Don’t count on it.

Why gun control isn’t at the heart of Black Lives Matter: “Stricter gun laws could do more harm than good to poor, black communities, experts and activists say.” The left have been conspiring to screw poor minority communities out of their Second Amendment rights for years, and then turned around and tried to convince them they are better off for it. I’m glad to see people waking up.

Townhill: Toomey walks the high wire on gun control.

3 thoughts on “Weekly Gun News – Edition 15”

  1. On il Papa: Being at the service of dialogue and peace also means being truly determined to minimize and, in the long term, to end the many armed conflicts throughout our world. Here we have to ask ourselves: Why are deadly weapons being sold to those who plan to inflict untold suffering on individuals and society? Sadly, the answer, as we all know, is simply for money: money that is drenched in blood, often innocent blood. In the face of this shameful and culpable silence, it is our duty to confront the problem and to stop the arms trade. is the full quote.

    He’s plainly talking about … the international arms trade, and to people “known” to be of ill intent, as far as I read this.

    Which is a lot more anodyne (and perfectly conformable to Catholic theology) than the reporting, which read more like “Pope says all makers of weapons are evil!”.

    Catholicism recognizes armed self defense and defense of others as morally acceptable, and indeed laudable; thus it recognizes the tools of doing so as morally acceptable.

    The Pope has to know this, as he does know his theology; thus I tend to interpret anything he says, if there’s room for interpretation, in the way conformable to Doctrine.

  2. Premption is now worthless. Whether or not what missoula is doing violates the state preemption law the court will uphold it. I also expect Seattles gun tax to be upheld. I’m personally waiting for LA to make private gun ownership illegal. And WHEN that happens all the lower courts will uphold it and if it goes to SCOTUS they will either uphold such a proposal or not take it setting the groundwork for the utter and total ban of all privately held firearms in the entire United States one town at a time.

    The courts have declared open war on the 2nd amendment. They hate it, they hate us, they want the ownership of all privately held firearms to be blanket illegal. And if the courts keep doing what they are doing it will happen.

  3. “The courts have declared open war on the 2nd amendment.”

    Courts are part of the government and all who would rule cannot tolerate the ruled being able to say “no” to them and have some teeth behind it.

    I apologize for always harping on that, but belief in the possibility of having a “pro-gun” government is simply delusional. All authoritarians will tolerate your arms as long as your arms are backing them up. As soon as you engage in dissent to power your arms cease to be tolerable. Count on it.

    Install a “pro-gun” government and then pray you never disagree with anything they do in any serious way. The day you do your “right” to be armed will be gone.

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