Best News I’ve Heard in a While

John Boehner is stepping down as speaker, and resigning from Congress. Maybe now we have a prayer of getting some opposition to this Administration from Congress. I can’t say I’m optimistic though. Boehner, more than anyone, I think deserves the blame for the Trump phenomena. Boehner has been so easy on Obama, you almost have to wonder what kind of dirt they have on him. Good riddance, I say.

7 thoughts on “Best News I’ve Heard in a While”

  1. Great news indeed. Now Boehner will have plenty of free time to join the Hillary 2016 campaign. He certainly was useless as speaker and did nothing to oppose Obama.

  2. “Boehner has been so easy on Obama, you almost have to wonder what kind of dirt they have on him.”

    I’ve heard it say that the Liberty Caucus was instrumental in getting him out. Perhaps they finally figured out what dirt they had on him?…

  3. Note that he is hanging on long enough to get another CR passed. And I am sure we will pass some goodies for the donor class before October ends too.

    He could have done a lot of good by saying there will be NO MORE CONTINUING RESOLUTIONS in January. And then when Reid filibustered the budget process (with Mitch McConnell’s willing help), he could have said Reid is going to shut down the government, not us. If the Democrats will not allow a budget, then they are shutting down the government. Make them own their failures.

    That would take principles, consistency, and foresight. Hopefully the next Speaker has some.

  4. I wonder how obama’s ministry of propaganda (MSNBC) is going to spin this. Good riddance. He is a coward and a traitor. A lot of us are more than happy to see him go than the liberal progressive statist freedom haters that wish the federal government round up and exterminate all 108+ million gun owners are.

  5. I can only hope and pray that his promised cushy jobs from the lobbyists will be the same kind of “campaign promises” he and his fellow RINOs used to keep himself and his fellow RINOs in office.

  6. The NSA has the dirt on all of them. Anyone think the NSA doesn’t know every intimate secret of every politician or every candidate?

    Scary to think what the means if it could be true.

  7. I’m confused. Isn’t Boner “cry baby” Boehner a Democrat? After all, he sure votes like one. I thought he was best of friends with the POTUS.

    Seriously now, I hope the door hits him in the rear so hard that his eyeballs pop out. He was worse than worthless.

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