I’ve Officially Seen Everything

Behold the majesty of the DildAR:

I think the funny thing is, it looks like it shoots pretty flat.

5 Responses to “I’ve Officially Seen Everything”

  1. Ed says:

    I sure hope it is a hollow point dildo; if not it may over penetrate the target. LOL

  2. Matt says:

    Gives “armor piercing” ammo a whole new definition. Condoms and diaphragms the new Kevlar?

  3. Defens says:

    Certainly puts an end to Markley’s Law invokers, doesn’t it?

  4. terraformer says:

    How apropos, Amazon had a 55 gallon drum sized deal on lube today for Prime Day…

  5. Dubya Bee says:

    You gotta put some rifling in that thing!!!


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