How Does the US Rank in Terms of Rampage Shootings?

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According to this piece put together by IJ Review, we’re in the middle of the pack for the years 2009-2013. Norway is a small country, and the attack on the AUF summer camp was horrendous. Same with Finland. It’s a small country and that will tend to drive stronger per-capita numbers when “lightning” finally does strike. It would probably make more sense to consider the European Union as a whole rather than individual countries, but the point is still made: these incidents are hardly limited to the United States and hardly uncommon outside of it, as our Commander-in-Cheif has claimed. This is not even considering the horrendous attacks that have occurred in other parts of the world that involve weapons other than firearms. Only a few days after the shooting in Charleston, a man in Austria plowed through a crowd with his vehicle, then got out of his car and started stabbing people. Three dead, with thirty people injured and ten critically injured.

The biggest conceit of the left is that evil does not exist, because man can be perfected, if only you put the right people in charge. One reason many hate on gun owners so much is because we’re in the way of that perfection. We’re a constant reminder that people are fundamentally imperfect, and capable of heinous things even under very civilized conditions. We insist on living as if things were that way, and refuse to go along with their utopian dreams.

7 thoughts on “How Does the US Rank in Terms of Rampage Shootings?”

  1. Don’t forget they love mass knife attacks in China, though of course the per-capita is low because of China’s huge population.

    1. At this point, I think that’s a reasonable starting point for Obama. He hasn’t proved himself to be trustworthy at all.

  2. Good info. Glad to have it, since we know how much this subject is a favorite drum the anti-gunners love to beat.

  3. An interesting take away from these data is that the fatalities per rampage is much higher in Europe than in the United States (10 vs. 6). However this is due to the statistical outlier of Norway. Even after removing Norway, we see that these European countries are still at 6 deaths per rampage- the same as the United States. We keep hearing from antis that the types of guns (and magazines) allowed over here lead to higher casualties, but that is not reflected in the data.

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