The Rush to Buy

Even New Yorkers are buying more pistols. And as KOAT in, Albuquerque, NM notes, the shooting has generated renewed interest in gun ownership.├é┬áConsidering what prompted the rush, I’m not going to celebrate this. I’d rather have 5 people not be dead, and no one injured. But I would point out that all our opponents are accomplishing with their exploitation of this tragedy is to put more guns in homes, to convince more people to carry, and otherwise encourage an interest in shooting among the law abiding.

2 thoughts on “The Rush to Buy”

  1. Given the pace of things in this state and the price of permits, I’m vaguely tempted to apply for a handful, just in case I end up getting the money together by the time they come through. OTOH, other than a “carry” gun that I have no real use for, I don’t know what I’d get. A .22lr target toy, I suppose.

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