Giving Us All a Bad Name

Police have picked up a man who critically injured another motorist in a shooting on the Schuylkill Expressway:

Squillaciotti does have a permit to carry a firearm and can legally own guns in his home, police said. Authorities are still investigating whether all the guns confiscated, including a Russian SKS rifle, are legal.

I hope they throw the book at him.  This guy should not be walking the streets after what he’s done.

8 thoughts on “Giving Us All a Bad Name”

  1. what a fucktard.

    I’m surprised people are gravitating to the “ex-Marine” stuff and MMA fighters (instead of guns, thankfully)…like ALL of the MMA fighters are that violent…why don’t you ask Gina Carano?

  2. Helmke will be giddy with glee … yet another of his “many examples” of what he calls with a smirk “law abiding carry permit holders.”

    Course if this arsehat hadn’t been issued a permit to carry, he surely could not, and would not, have committed the crime.

  3. Carl, you think just because he was issued a permit, he wouldn’t have found a way to get a gun illegally if he wanted?

    I have had a non-resident carry permit for Pennsylvania for 6 years. You don’t see me shooting people with my guns. And I live on Long Island – possibly one of the worst areas to drive in during rush hour. I’ve had times when I’ve been thoroughly aggravated by stupid, inconsiderate drivers, but you don’t see me going off the handle. It’s called personal responsibility and how we react to situations. Perhaps you should learn it for yourself.

    What if the guy didn’t have a gun and used his vehicle instead to injure the other party? Would you have said, ‘Well, if the state of Pennsylvania hadn’t issued him with a driver’s license, he surely could not, and would not, have committed the crime of driving without a license.”

    You’re an idiot. Here’s your sign.

  4. OrangeNeck:

    You win today’s prize for (1) failure to detect sarcasm, and (2) prematurely leveling insults.

    Of course, the second part of my comment above was in the context of Paul Helmke’s likely reaction.

  5. Carl,

    I apologize if I didn’t read into the sarcasm. I take back the sign (and hanging it around my own neck).

    Either (1) my sarcasm meter was on the fritz last night, or (2) your sarcasm was hard to spot. Although I do say my last paragraph response to the Helmkes out there (paraphrasing your sarcastic comment) was a nifty comeback.

    Again, my bad.

  6. Thank you kindly, OrangeNeck. Your apology graciously accepted. And I should have been more explicit. Perhaps I incorrectly assume that many Snowflakes readers/commentators know me from various other posts, and thus would have immediately understood that my comment was sarcasm. But false assumptions are a dime a dozen.

    At any rate, carry licensees (I carry on UT and FL permits, depending on where I am) have some real responsibility on our collective shoulders. And the scrutiny we receive is largely unfair … it takes only one yahoo like this Squillaciotti and the Brady supporters can carry it for many miles of “I told you so … so-called law abiding citizens are just a moment of rage from being mass killers” (or some such nonsense). Of course we all know that permitees are far more “law-abiding” than average citizens. We have 20 plus years of experience, from many states, to demonstrate this. But statistics don’t matter to sensationalists.

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