Bloomberg’s Favorite, AG Kathleen Kane, Keeps Finding Legal Trouble

Kathleen Kane

It seems that Mike Bloomberg’s gun control cash can’t buy PA Attorney General Kathleen Kane’s way out of more legal drama.

Kane is being sued by a former agent from her office because he says she fabricated a story about him, claiming that he says his sting was only targeting black people. He claims that he never said that, and he says it seriously harmed his reputation as an investigator. He even took a polygraph test that he says he passed.

In fact, the story highlights that Kane claims she had a sworn statement by the agent’s boss that the agent suing her did say it. The problem is that there was no sworn statement. There was an unsworn statement (aka no legal accountability if they prove the boss lied) written more than a year after the supposed racial comment. To top that off, it was only written after Kane made her public claim. In other words, Kane made the claim that the agent with 20 years on the job made a statement. Then, four days after she issued the public attack, the agent’s boss magically writes up a statement fitting the narrative Kane told the media.

This woman is not just incompetent, she belongs in jail. It seems a grand jury agrees with me on the issue of criminal charges in another matter. Even the outlets that endorsed her think it’s time for her to get out of the office. Of course, I’m surprised she hasn’t put a fat target on the media since she already hinted she would sue them for reporting on her many ethical problems.

Remember folks, this woman won partly due to the huge financial investment made by Mike Bloomberg specifically because her views on gun control. She has repeatedly screwed with our reciprocity agreements, and she started lobbying against federal pro-gun bills before she even took office. But, hey, all those voters in the traditionally Republican parts of Pennsylvania felt like a vote for her was a vote for Penn State. No, it was a vote for corruption and abuse that not even the Philadelphia media can tolerate.

6 thoughts on “Bloomberg’s Favorite, AG Kathleen Kane, Keeps Finding Legal Trouble”

  1. Time for Kathleen to move along – Maybe Shannon Watts could use her help over with the Action Moms, another pretty face might convince more minions, and hiring public figures with ethical and legal problems seldom bothers Bloomberg.

  2. I love the Cult of Paterno. They’re still screwing so many things up and they won’t admit it.

  3. Given that I just started being active with my local republican party, I can understand just how frustrating it must have been to see all those people voting for Kane given what was already known about her anti gun rights view. Just trying to get the old guard and the TEA party factions to see the overall view and vote for the common good was nearly impossible. And two more years of this, good grief.

  4. I’m really not sure how a vote for her was a vote for PSU. She ran against an underfunded and unknown candidate who was a drip of a personality.

    First of all, central PA is sparsely populated place. Second, she was on the ballot with BHO and you know how PHL and PIT voters turned out for him. She had a near 500k vote advantage in Philly and another 150k advantage in Allegheny county. You should really look at the county by county breakdown for that election. She didn’t win much of central PA, but, there are so few votes out there that she can afford to lose there by 10% and it still won’t matter with what she picked up in Philly.

    1. I agree with your second point. I’ve lived in a handful of states and I think there comes a time in every state when the large urban areas effectively tip the scales in statewide races. Having a presidential election at the same time makes it even more of a challenge for down-ticket Republicans.

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