This Kathleen Kane Drama Couldn’t Get Any Weirder

Kathleen Kane

Apparently Kathleen Kane has an evil twin, who is in some legal trouble of her own:

Attorney General Kathleen Kane’s twin borrowed $200,000 from an FBI agent who was living with her and then kicked him out the door, the agent says in a civil lawsuit filed in Lackawanna County.

Kane’s twin is being sued because apparently that was the guy’s life savings, and he’d like it back. Classy. Meanwhile, apparently Kathleen Kane has used her evil twin to throw off the press. Maybe her next defense will be that it was her evil twin all along!

10 thoughts on “This Kathleen Kane Drama Couldn’t Get Any Weirder”

  1. I knew that she had an identical twin, but I had no idea that she was promoting her and that the twin took off with an FBI agent’s life savings, though. Wow, that is one family to stay far, far away from.

  2. Truth can be stranger than fiction

    ETA: Upon further inspection, this case is getting fractally weird.

  3. Nasty seems to run in the family.

    How dumb would a guy have to be to turn over his life savings?

  4. Wow, it gets better.

    The evil sister is the Deputy Chief of the Child Pred unit at the AG’s office and got the promotion…wait for it…when her big sis was elected.

    Shocker, I know!

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