Calls for Bloomberg-Bought Kathleen Kane to Resign

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Not even Bloomberg’s riches could cushion Kathleen Kane’s fall from grace. The Philadelphia Inquirer has a scathing call for her to resign.

They highlight that it has recently come out that she personally intervened to revoke subpoenas for men with apparent ties to the mob, and then got a $25k political donation out of it. She did eventually decide that maybe she should return it, but it’s clear they assumed she should be “rewarded” for her effort derailing the corruption investigation.

As a close Clinton ally, I’m sure that we’ll soon hear the claim that this is all part of War on Women and that it’s clearly only because she’s attractive. There’s just no way that anyone could think she’s incompetent based on the fact that she’s looking at potential criminal charges for her actions in office and is now tied to two cases of stepping in to derail corruption investigations into political allies. Clearly, it’s just because she’s a woman. /sarcasm

8 thoughts on “Calls for Bloomberg-Bought Kathleen Kane to Resign”

  1. Her fall from grace makes me so happy. Of course now the we have a Wolf in Sheeps clothes in the governors office a replacement might not be better, but still getting her out is nice.

    1. Ousting a corrupt or incompetent official is, in my view, important enough to not worry too much about their replacement.

      There’s a school of thought that says the reason Obama hasn’t been impeached yet is not because he doesn’t deserve it, but because then we’d be dealing with “President Joseph Biden”. I don’t agree with that – I think the GOP squishes lost their appetite for their Constitutional power/duty of impeachment after they went after Bill Clinton and lost (and looked like fools in the process) – but it’s there.

      Personally, I’d rather deal with “President Biden” for 2 years, if it meant sending the unequivocal message that corruption and lawlessness in the Commander-in-Chief is unacceptable and intolerable. But that’s just me, and I’m kind of an idealist.

      1. i agree with this. Those who are adamant against Obama still say Biden would be worse. I am not sure about that and think that it does not matter.

      2. What exactly would they impeach him for that might be deemed worthy enough to get the votes necessary for impeachment?

  2. Let me see if I understand this correctly. Mob, good. Private individuals defending themselves, not good. Hmm.

  3. The first time I read this I thought it said she had resigned. Must be wishful thinking on my part

  4. Don’t be too quick to toss her: she did invalidate the casino firearms ban, and that letter she wrote is gold! It will make a great stick in my long awaited ‘discussion’ with penndot about illegal gun buster stickers. I’ll be able to share more on the year long investigation in a week or so ….

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