NRA Sends Gun Owners to Respond to Kathleen Kane

Kathleen Kane wanted to sign anti-gun lobbying letters before she ever took office, so NRA is asking gun owners in Pennsylvania to air their opinions about her efforts before she has an official mailing address to ignore.

While it should come as no surprise, Pennsylvania Attorney General-Elect Kathleen Kane is wasting no time in demonstrating her hostility towards your Second Amendment rights even before she takes office next month. …

Please contact Attorney General-Elect Kathleen Kane TODAY and respectfully ask that she reverse her position on this important issue. Her contact information is provided here.

I love this because it uses her resume submission form to contact her. Why? Because it’s the only contact information Kane has bothered to post in her role as Attorney General-elect. She is using the title to “represent” the people of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, but otherwise doesn’t want to hear from those pesky constituents unless they are part of her agency-wide restaffing efforts. So, if she wants to claim a title and start signing lobbying letters, I see no reason why the citizens of Pennsylvania shouldn’t use the website she’s claiming in order to contact her – even if it’s about issues she doesn’t want to discuss.

11 thoughts on “NRA Sends Gun Owners to Respond to Kathleen Kane”

  1. How does someone like this get elected in the first place? I have commented on this in the past, but it baffles me. This woman could not get elected in any pro-gun state once she made her views clear. I guess I just don’t get the voters in the northeast region of the country.

    1. This woman could not get elected in any pro-gun state

      Pennsylvania is not a pro-gun state. It’s a state with a lot of gun owners, which has historically tended to drive it in a pro-gun direction. There is a dearth of young people rising up to replace the old generation of activists, who are increasingly dropping out of the fight. Way too many young people in this issue are entirely too focused on issues like open carry activism without really paying enough attention to the political structure that allows activism like that to be supported. The breakdown of pro-gun civil society here is also a big issue.

      A lot of this is driven by simple demographics — Pennsylvania has a difficult time retaining young people. Pennsylvania is very Gun Culture 1.0 in demographics and orientation. This is particularly true in the Southeast, which politics in this state is increasingly swinging on.

    2. I have been curious how her campaign TV ads were distributed in the state. Here in the five-county area around Philadelphia she blatantly campaigned on a platform of gun control. I thought that even here she was probably shooting herself in the foot, and that it would be a sure thing she was, if she ran those ads in the more rural counties. I don’t know whether she did.

      I have just reminded myself to go over to the state website to check out the vote distributions among the 67 counties.

      1. When we initially reported the ad buy figures and details, the story noted that the buy was only in the Philadelphia market. It was also funded by Bloomberg, so it wasn’t specifically her campaign.

        1. Yeah — I remember reading that, now.

          I’ve been looking, but I can’t find anyplace yet that has the results of the statewide races tabulated by county in a simple table. Have you guys found any?

          There’s a correlation analysis I like to do, that is sometimes informative, and I want to be able to capture the data without too much work.

    3. Well she promised to look into the Sandusky stuff, because “CHILD RAPE OMG GOTTA DO MORE!” And the PSU alums and all the other idiots believed it.

      1. People I know who work close to law enforcement tell me the Governor does not want too much more looking at the Sandusky case, given his earlier efforts to suppress it, and what yet might be found. In fact he just had a dog-and-pony show to establish a credential as the “child welfare” governor, in case he should need it someday.

  2. Yes, I suppose I just thought that PA, once you got outside Philly and Pittsburgh, was like Tennessee, Louisiana and other pro-gun states. I see I was wrong. This woman would have been toast down here once her anti-second amendment views were known. I hope U guys up there can turn the tide and not go the way of New York and other anti-gun states.

  3. To be honest, I think she got elected because she’s pretty. I mean, how many people REALLY look into the AG race? Low info voters who didn’t hop on the trolly about her Bloomberg backed gun hating ways or don’t care about the AG position to begin with, saw some MILF and thought, why not?

    Just a theory…but it’s as probable as any other.

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