CSGV Bites off More Than They Could Chew

I’ll channel Miguel here a bit by highlighting some of the crazy things our opponents say and do. Our opponents in the gun control movement often believe they are dealing with a small number of loudmouth activists. Most days of the week that’s true, because to be honest, your average gun owner has better things to do than debate anti-gun activists on the Internet. But every once in a while, groups like CSGV will trip over themselves and discover just how much depth there is to an issue. In this case, they picked on Kyle Lamb:


Then, hilarity ensued. The kind of hilarity that can only come by watching people trip over all their prejudices and preconceptions:


Yeah, real armchair warrior, that Kyle Lamb guy.


All of our people are just playing army. There’s no way it’s possible that many of the people on our side were actually in it.


Yeah, it’s a well known fact that Delta Force are a bunch of pushovers.


They are very tolerant people, who just want to have a discussion about commons sense laws!


Yeah, well known fact we’re all latent murderers.


That’s respecting the man’s service, right there. He is done with his infantile service, so now he needs to put his soldier toys away and grow up!

The intern at CSGV will no doubt be spending all his time today deleting comments in the attempt to keep up the narrative that they are really open to debate, and gun owners are just too stupid to have anything to say about it. Don’t let anyone ever tell you that CSGV, and the folks who follow them, are anything other than horrible, deranged├é┬áhuman beings.

26 thoughts on “CSGV Bites off More Than They Could Chew”

  1. This is the best. I wonder how fast they can delete messages? If we spread this a little further, could we overwhelm their ability to do so?

  2. The intern has bee deleting like crazy. Last night they were up to +1,700. By noon today they were down to 1,400 but more people keep coming.

  3. While I agree with the fact that the CSGV was wrong, and the supporters displayed a stunning level of ignorance, I also think that the cited responses here were more about self righteousness and gratification and probably only cemented the divide even more.

    One of the things I appreciate about this blog is that it makes more of an effort than most to remain sensible and open to the idea that minds can be changed. I’m not sure that it would be possible with the original author, but there are many more minds at stake than just that one.

    It is not an easy job to remain civil, but progress never is.

    1. The divide cannot be bridged unless one side or another surrenders. Since our side is the side of liberty, rule of law, and constitutional republican values, I refuse to surrender to the acolytes of tyranny.

      Let them come to us. We are not obligated to go to them, nor are we obligated to compromise. Compromise is no longer possible in this country, since we are now down to basic issues about what what America should be.

  4. I also want all of them to demand that their local police department give up all its carbines and normal-capacity magazines.

    Unless they want the cops to be out for mass-murder, as they put it?

  5. The last post you highlighted just proves that anti-gunners are simply statists at heart.

    See, take your typical ardent anti-gunner. To them, you can have all the firepower in the world as long as you are on the government payroll. The second you come off, you become a lesser person in their eyes. It’s at this exact moment that all your of experience and training with firearms are worth nothing because you are simply a “civilian”. In their minds, the idea of the government class not being special in some form from the rest of us just doesn’t compute.

    The sad thing is most anti-gunners aren’t in the government or military themselves, so in a way they don’t mind considering themselves a second-class citizen and putting others on some kind of pedestal. I think it’s a deep-seated self-loathing.

    1. That is correct. They themselves feel guilty for not having the guts to defend or even love their country. Kind of like the draft dodgers from the Viet-Nam era.

  6. There are still people asking why a regular Joe needs these. I guess they never lived through any riots and have an extremely short memory. They’ll be the first ones to ask the “gun nut” to save their worthless lives when looters come a callin.

    1. Actually, they’ll be the looters because they’re so unprepared. Can anyone say “target rich environment”?

  7. One funny thought I had (and I’m not going to waste my time trying to put it on CSGV’s post) is that this ad emphasizes that they are reliable even when hit by chemical and biological weapons; they are also impact resistant. Indeed, these are the very things that make these magazines “battlready,” “battletested,” and “battleproven.”

    I’d like to know what CSGV thinks would make a difference if civilians didn’t have these magazines. “Oh, no, I can’t shoot civilians [because that’s allegedly the only reason to have these magazines], because there are chemical and biological weapons in the theater, and I had to hit three enemy soldiers in the head with my magazine on the way in!”

    (For the record, I could see why a police officer or other civilian facing down a gang of thugs, or a competition three-gun shooter, or someone guarding her house in the aftermath of a hurricane, would all want the most rugged, “battle-tested” magazine they could get their hands on!)

  8. This is akin to buying XYZ video card for the extra FPS so you can “completely obliterate your opponent.” This is advertising, for crying out loud. Of course it’s going to appeal to the audience it is attempting to squeeze money out of. Never mind that law enforcement and current military personnel do read these kinds of magazines, so they’re trying to get into that market as well. To take this stuff seriously belies an attempt to create drama where there is none.

  9. I call BS. Troy ABSOLUTELY is marketing to tacticool airsoft fags. The stereotype exists because these space shuttle door gunner idiots really do exist in large numbers.

    1. You know the popularity of airsoft and Call of Battlefield of Honor with Medals is one of the reasons we’re winning right? Call it a gateway to fun with guns…

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