The Crazy Continues

I must have really struck a nerve with our opponents in a recent post, because the CSGV, which has been pretty good about ignoring bloggers, apparently couldn’t ignore my latest post. I’m happy that has brought out the crazy:

Yeah, that was totally speaking fearfully, rather than someone who quite well understands exactly what dustbin of history your kind is destined for. To be sure, I don’t think opposition to campus carry is in any way on par with segregation or slavery, but I do think CSGV’s fundamental mission is a lost cause at this point, and will likely end up in the same place as those long discarded ideas.

I also like the fact that now we’re gun violence proponents, and advocating for gun ownership with no limits. Handing guns out to school kids and the mentally ill. Yeah, we’re all totally for that! Yippee! I’ve long argued that there are many limits on the criminal and mentally ill that are likely constitutional. It’s long established constitutional rights can be limited through due process of law. Our opponents, on the other hand, have not at all accepted that owning a firearm is now a constitutional right, just like free speech and religion.

These people are completely delusional. If you were to put this in the social conservative context, they are the same kinds of people who would argue a gay elementary school teacher is surely going to indoctrinate the kids with their “gay agenda,” and induce the children into homosexual relations. Because you know those kinds of people can’t help themselves.

They really are bigots, when you boil it down.

14 thoughts on “The Crazy Continues”

  1. *Gun Safety Advocates*……what a joke……

    NRA, and many other pro gun organizations, and people fully support proper gun training, and handling in a safe environment.

    These anti gun kooks are so self absorbed, it’s like a mutant version of the only child syndrome.

  2. These people have co-opted the phrase “gun safety” from private gun owners and use it as a euphemism to disguise their gun ban agenda. They do nothing to teach safe and proper use of firearms, since they are too busy pushing their gun ban legislative agenda. For them, “gun safety” means no guns.
    When they get a little too confident, their phrase “gun violence prevention” morphs into “gun prevention” and their true agenda is revealed.
    They are liars, who disguise their true intentions, and they mean to disarm us, but I refuse to be disarmed by sneaky people who have proven repeatedly that they cannot be trusted.

  3. I find the gun banners (faux gun safety advocates) to be in the same slime marsh as the anti-vaccination crowd. They claim its for the children and all but its all lies. They turn out to either be blindingly ignorant or flagrantly out of touch with reality.

    True gun safety like any other safety training is about education, training and being familiar with safety protocols.
    Ignorance, avoidance and misinformation is not safe.


  4. @jacob, consider it a badge of honor. They are unwilling (unable) to discuss issues so the plug their ears and sing.

    Reasoned discourse is so much more difficult than simply standing on a street corner and screaming at traffic.

  5. “These people are completely delusional.”

    I was going to use stronger words. But, either way, they are obviously too mentally incompetent to be allowed access to any firearms.

  6. Tw birds with the same feather f**king togeather – no wonder they are funny looking and stupid.

  7. Oh, I remember that post. It was another case of someone pro-gun posting something that was later deleted. Even screencapped it for posterity’s sake.

    In all honesty, I find the Brady bunch more humorous than I do foolish- like watching a little kid whine about what he thinks should happen. You know better, and you know he hasn’t a clue, so you smile and laugh to yourself.

  8. The key words are “due process” in regards to restrictions. They seem to prefer the “someone in authority makes an arbitrary decision and puts your name on a secret list” approach.

  9. Perhaps we should all overwhelm these “gun safety advocates” with requests for classes and training in gun safety. Do you think they would provide them? What do you think they would teach us?

  10. I took what she said and then applied it to the first amendment …. take a look …

    Roxxane simply speaks fearfully like other verbal violence proponents. Limitless speech is dangerous speech. Free Speech advocates are about speaking and training to be proficient in speaking in violence free environments as well as using them only with great examination and licensing. LIMITS. It is about keeping speech out of the hands of the mentally ill, our children, in public and school settings where others can be injured by the self absorbed.

  11. Notice how she can’t get two sentences in without setting up a straw man with the phrases “gun violence advocates” and “limitless gun ownership.”

    Don’t bother reading another word. She’s a greasy shill, repeating the simpleminded tactics that worked when they could count on an anti-gun editor to buff their screeds before publishing them or reading them on the air.

    They can’t win the debate, because for the first time it *is* a debate.

    Not for nothing do they want to control the Internet.

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