The Pushback Begins in Nevada

Bloomberg NV Ballots

A local gun rights group in Nevada is moving to get signatures invalidated. This is a great effort, but Bloomberg hired people to gather nearly 3x more than the state requires to get an initiative on the ballot. This is an uphill climb of Sisyphean proportions, but I’m glad someone is looking into it.

Never give the enemy a freebee. If you can make them pay for every signature, do it. I would imagine that in Nevada, Clark County is probably the primary source of signatures for Bloomberg’s petition. But how many of those people may not have been residents? Lots of people you run into in Las Vegas don’t live there.

6 thoughts on “The Pushback Begins in Nevada”

  1. There is a requirement for signatures to be from and turned into each individual county. In Storey county they were a day late (after the deadline & not on the same day they were turned into the other 16 counties {oops!}), and there were irregularities in the signatures turned in. All they need is one county to be invalidated.

    It will all come down to the judge that decides the case. And we know how that goes…

  2. Good on that group, I don’t know what the chances are that they could stop the initiative from getting on the ballot, but at least they are waking up. The time to mobilize is now, if we can get 40% in Washington to vote against something “90% of Americans support”, a good ground game might be able to deliver a majority in Nevada.

    I still think the solution to all this isn’t simply beating the initiatives, but smacking down Bloomberg and Watts in a state or two after I-594 would be a big confidence boost for down the road.

  3. A lot of the people who live in Nevada are not citizens. Not just illegal aliens of which there are tens of thousands but many others from many countries who are here legally but cannot legally vote or sign petitions. I think a really good look at these petitions is necessary.

  4. Yes, AND each of the 4 congressional districts must get 1/4 of the required total. The overwhelming majority of their signatures will be from Clark County(Las Vegas or East LA as we up north call it) since Vegas has 2 million of the approx 3 million total population. It is hopefully unlikely that all 4 congressional districts will qualify since 2 are primarily rural. Think Bundy. Also they must verify a certain #/% of signatures for being legally registered voters, if 5%(I believe) of those don’t verify then every signature must be certified.

    1. Very interesting, thanks for the insight. Makes it worth following for the hope that it turns out they weren’t able to meet all the requirements. Keeping my fingers crossed for you guys out there.

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