Look Who’s Suddenly a Top Donor in Nevada Politics

From The Cason City Tribune, coming in at number three, coming right behind MGM Resorts:

Everytown for Gun Safety: This PAC spent $665,000 on state races this past cycle, according to the center. Most of the group’s money came from former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and went to the Nevada State Democratic Party, with smaller donations to state Sen. Justin Jones, who sponsored a gun control measure last session, and state Sen. Debbie Smith.

The article goes on to say that most of the spending was paying signature collectors for the ballot measure. Ballot measures are a game where all that really matters is enough money. Very strong and organized grassroots energy is about the only thing that can defeat a ballot measure if you can’t outspend your opponent. With enough money, it was a fore-drawn conclusion he’d get enough signatures. You want to understand why?

And these same people vote too. How do you think they’d respond to a multi-million dollar ad campaign telling them Bloomberg’s ballot measure was good and wholesome?


5 thoughts on “Look Who’s Suddenly a Top Donor in Nevada Politics”

  1. After watching this, it’s really scary to think about what the USA would be, if we had a true democracy instead of a Democratic Republic and Constitution. The Founders understood that we needed an educated and moral people to survive our system, but it is slowly becoming undone by the ignorant masses.

    1. That’s why I don’t agree with ballot measures. I would fight it tooth and nail if they tried to do it here. The other fundamental problem I think our Republic has is that we make it way too easy for morons to vote. First, I don’t think there’s any fundamental right to vote. I think the Supreme Court got that wrong. We have Constitutional Amendments that protect discrimination in voting, but it should not be regarded as a right.

      I do believe in universal suffrage, but I think registering should require the voter showing up in person, proving who he is, and proving eligibility to vote. They should then get a voter registration card, with picture, in the mail, and you’re good to go from there. But you should have to expend effort. If you’re not willing to go visit a government office yourself, and go through the process, you’re probably not going to go through the effort of at least being minimally informed.

  2. The founders also knew that with any public, factions will exist that can push for interests that run contrary to the group as a whole, and as a result protections need to be in place.

    Also interesting of note in Federalist No. 10 was how Madison defined a faction. Factions can be not just minorities of citizens, but majorities as well. He no doubt knew pure democracy was a threat to liberty, and that’s exactly what these Bloomberg-funded initiatives are. They slather the “will of the people” tag on this mob rule and think that it gives them the justification to carry it out.

  3. Aren’ you all glad that the constitution gives us the ability to speak out . We all enjoy these rights but you would restrict them. Who are the real constitutionalists?

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