Good News: Black Friday Record on Gun Sales

I haven’t heard whether it will be an official record or not, but it’s looking that way. Gun sales on Black Friday were brisk, to say the least. Anecdotally, I heard that PICS was down for a good part of the weekend due to volume (Things like this could form the basis of a suit challenging background check requirements. We’d never accept something like this in the context of another right.)

The good thing about this is that it portends a serious cultural change in our favor. Guns are now seen as something to get people for Christmas. In a lot of cases, this is probably going to be gifts between spouses. That means men are buying guns for women and women are buying guns for men. It doesn’t get much more positive than that, because either way it goes it shows some level of engagement with the issue.

Also good news: rich billionaires, like Bloomberg, want to make gifting guns largely illegal, with few exceptions, and this could be the basis of forming a constituency against his plans.

4 thoughts on “Good News: Black Friday Record on Gun Sales”

  1. That was a tradition at our house for years. I remember my daughter texting her friends one year while we were opening presents; “It’s not Christmas at our house til somebody unwraps a gun.”

    1. That was my doing. I gave Bitter a gun for her b-day one year. Well, sort of. I gave it to her, then took it back with me and shot it a good bit, you know, just to make sure it worked OK. It didn’t become hers officially until she moved up here.

      Even when she lived in VA, we did our shooting up here, and I didn’t feel like paying to transfer it to yet another FFL down there when it was just as easy to keep it in my possession until she moved up here.

  2. That’s also before you factor in that PA likely added little to that figure, given that pics was largely non-functional on Friday.

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