Gun Sales Up

I love the headlines about increased gun sales from Tulsa, OK; Bakersfield, CA; New York; and Roanoke, VA.

Are any readers buying a gun for a gift for either themselves or a loved one for the holidays this year? Sebastian has bought guns for me twice – once for Christmas and the other for my birthday. They always go over well.

This year, I don’t think Santa will be leaving any for us. Instead, Santa is delivering some knives. We have become spoiled to our new high-end knife, and I casually suggested that Sebastian might order a block so we can start a proper collection of quality knives. At least if we have more than one, we won’t fight over who gets to slice the homemade bread.

10 thoughts on “Gun Sales Up”

    1. Last year, I was truly lucky. Sebastian got me a gun and a new laptop. I don’t know what list Santa thought my name was on last year, but I know I wasn’t that good. I was truly shocked by it.

      But as for choosing computer vs. a gun, that’s what birthdays are for. ;)

  1. Last Christmas, we gave our best friends each a handgun. He got a Glock G21 and she got a Taurus Judge.

  2. No gun, but I suspect there’ll be a holster for me under the (imaginary) tree this year.
    We’re not really Christmas people, obviously :D

  3. It’ll be a late Christmas present to myself, but I’m looking to get a CZ-527 carbine in 7.62×39 fairly soon.

  4. Just bought a Remington R1 at the gun show over in Oaks last weekend, a gift for both myself and the wife. Everyone at the show seemed to be doing booming business.

  5. oh, guns are always the best gift, either to receive or to give. i gave my wife a sig sauer p250 (she always liked the way sig’s look), and it got her more in to shooting. my god what a great gun! i’ve given her a ruger 10/22 as well.
    she keeps dropping hints about getting an FN 57, i’m not sure they’re worth the extra money or not. any thoughts anybody?

  6. I just bought a beautiful Henry Golden Boy in .22 Mag for my father. It isn’t for Christmas, but it’s part of the sales figures for right now.

  7. My wife and I bought our 18 year old a 1911 Remington R1. He’s always after my Colt Gold Cup which had finances being permitted we would have got one for him, but the Remington should be a fine first 1911. She’s been teasing him unmercifully about what’s in that big box under the tree.

  8. No new gun for me this Christmas. Something about my deportment this last year…whatever. But, I did buy quality parts which I will build up into a new .45ACP top end for my son’s 1911, currently in 9mm.

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