New York Church Wins Gun Related Suit in District Court

Walmart has been under pressure for some time by busybodies because they sell icky guns. That’s not new. After Sandy Hook, Trinity Church Wall Street filed a petition with Walmart to put on a shareholder proxy ballot to force the Board to reconsider whether Walmart should continue to sell icky guns and loud music in the same manner as they have been.

It’s worth noting here that Walmart already caved to Bloomberg in accepting his terms and conditions, and we can see how well that has stopped the busybodies from trying to take this a step further. This is surprising to no one even reasonably engaged in this issue, since it’s clear to all of us that until Walmart just stops selling guns, period, these people will not be happy. This is part of the continuing effort to “other” the shooting culture and make us pariahs.

Walmart moved to have the proxy measure stricken, arguing it was shareholder micromanagement of day-to-day affairs of the company. The SEC agreed, arguing it had no power to force the matter, and that the church would have to sue in Federal Court. The church did. This weekend, it was announced that the church had won. Walmart is planning to appeal.

At the end of the day I don’t expect this to be very consequential, but it’s a reminder of the fact that we’re being attacked left and right in very subtle ways most people aren’t aware of. We’re in a lot more danger as a movement than most people realize.

Also, remember, they aren’t against religion in politics, they are only against your religion in politics.

11 thoughts on “New York Church Wins Gun Related Suit in District Court”

  1. I’m woefully uneducated on these types of matters, but does Trinity own stock in Walmart or something? I can understand shareholders petitioning for such a ballot, but how does an outside entity that owns no shares get to order a business to put something up for a vote?

      1. I’m sorry, but I really feel that once a church ventures from being a purely religious entity into politics or investing funds in companies, and then using those funds to the enforce political opinion of the church on that company, they are no longer a religious entity, and should lose any tax protection or special exempt status that they have for being a church.

  2. Stuff like this goes on a lot with companies. Anyone who owns company stock, sometimes as little as one share, can make these proposals. I get several every year, generally far-left environmental and/or “social justice” crap, and the get voted down by shareholders by a huge margin every time.

  3. If this actually happens, this will be considered a “victory” by the progressive/gun control types, but in a year or two, when the church demands that Walmart pulls birth control products, or hot pants for pre-pubescent girls, they’ll be marching on NYC with pitchforks and torches.

  4. Are we, in general, truly in danger? Or only some people who live in certain States like New York and California who are truly in danger?

    Is the solution litigation in Federal Court? Or voting with your feet?

  5. No send your mt, shells to me. I’m going to start making my own….

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