Family Traditions & Heirlooms

Even though my family wasn’t anti-gun, there aren’t any traditions of shooting or hunting, and I won’t get any guns passed down to me that are part of some multi-generational tradition. But that’s okay. My first gun was a gift from a special friend and still means a lot to me.

In welcoming a new contributor to Bitchin’ in the Kitchen, this bit in her first post really stuck out for me:

When Samuel was age 14, he saved up enough to buy a $500 rifle with his own money. This was no small feat. He saved for many months – birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, worked at his grandfather’s farm, as well as around our house, to earn the money to pay for his gun. It’s an item of great sentimental value, and one he will keep until he decides to pass it on to his grandchildren. With that gun will go many stories of deer taken and deer missed, hunts shared with his father, cousins, uncles, and grandfathers, lessons learned, such as, working hard for something that lasted his lifetime.

Samuel is Virginia Gal’s son, and oh my goodness, there are some adorable pics that she included with the post. Check it out, and maybe I can get Granny – my mom & Virginia Gal’s friend – to talk her into sharing some good game recipes.

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  1. My first gun was a H&R Topper in .410, purchased new and given to me by my Dad, which I have since passed down to my (well, now grown) nephew.

    My second came when Dad realized the cost of .410 ammo, and I received a Winchester Ranger (youth 1300 semiauto) in 12 gauge. It now resides with my others.

    I also now retain a custom made over/under in 12 gauge, a Valley gun from northern Italy, that Dad had made while I was still gestating 40 years ago. My brother has the mate (and sequential serial number). It is probably the most valued physical possession I have.

    Now Dad is up in years, and has mentioned the desire for a Garand, like he had when he was a young buck in the Army. I may just take a Saturday and drive over to the South CMP store and pay a little back, maybe some interest, on my debt.

    (well, and maybe get a M1 carbine… I love those things)

    1. Did you click through to see the pics of her son with his early guns? So adorable, and it may even bring back some memories.

  2. Oh, yeah, sure did. I don’t think I have any pictures of me at that stage… heck, with guns or without. Guess I wouldn’t sit still enough. :-)

    But I do have a air rifle waiting for that moment with the 6 yr old.

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