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I really liked the week in Oklahoma, but I do have to say, not as much singing as I expected.

How many states can say their official state song was written by Rodgers and Hammerstein? Sadly, I hear Mr. Chips has been waiting by the swinging chair for me to return:

Mr. Chips

The barn cats all seemed to take a liking to me, especially Mr. Chips.

7 thoughts on “Back Home”

  1. Warm and does not move much will win most cats over when it gets cold out.

    btw your ssl cert it bad or expired.

    1. The SSL cert shouldn’t come into play unless you try to login to the admin interface. It’s self-signed, so it’s going to throw a warning on most browsers, but most users should never notice it.

  2. Unless you have your browser set to default to ssl which is becomes a more common practice for the small margin of security that it provides.

    1. I may have to reconsider my configuration then. But I don’t think doing that honestly provides much extra security, and surely you’d have to get used to clicking through self-signed certificates. TOR would probably be a better option, even though TOR has issues with infiltration.

      1. Actually why I mentioned it is that other than the ones on my development machine I have not seen a self signed cert in the wild in years.

  3. *watches video*
    Transatlantic accents sound REALLY out of place from people who are supposedly farmers in the Midwestern United States.

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