Give Up Your Gun for a Sandwich

If the sandwich doesn’t convince you to give up your guns, how about a bag of chips? A soda with no refills? Any takers yet? No? Well, I’m just shocked.

Three days later, Richard Pagliarella opened the second location of his Ricci Bros. Hoagies shop on the same corner where Addison was shot multiple times.

Feeling compelled to do something, Pagliarella offered two hoagies, a soda and chips for each firearm brought to the store last week.

“I was hoping we would get one [gun], save one life and have one less gun on the street,” Pagliarella said.

But they received none.

10 thoughts on “Give Up Your Gun for a Sandwich”

  1. It seems to me if someone gave them a pistol they would be in violation of the law.

  2. I’ve decided that if we ever have a gun buy-back, I’d just cut up the frame of my daughter’s metal toddler bed and make a bunch of zip guns, and turn them in for $100 a piece. The biggest problem with this “get rich quick” scheme is that I live in Utah, where they’d likely *never* have a gun “buyback” program, and I’d likely spend great lengths to avoid living in places like Chicago, where they’d be much more likely to have a gun “buyback” program.

    I have a feeling, though, that not even a zip gun would be worth two hoagies, some chips, and a soft drink…

    (I always think it funny that people call these things “buybacks”: last I checked, only a very small percentage of guns are bought from city governments, and usually these are guns confiscated in drug raids.)

  3. Seems like a great opportunity for somebody to make a buck:
    sell something that looks and feels enough like a gun to be able to cash it in at buybacks.

    Maybe high-gloss paint on clay?

  4. I think this is a great idea. A free meal just for carrying a gun into the shop. If it’s CCW do I have to show it? I think all those people carrying guns will make this the safest sandwich shop in town.

    What? They want me to give them my gun?? Not bloody likely.

  5. Well, it’s bullets that actually kill people, so what if I just give you one, brand new, unfired cartridge in exchange for a sandwich, chips, and a drink? Do with it what you will. I’d gladly pay $0.02 for a Hoagie, Chips, and a Drink.

  6. So that is what, $12-20 worth of food? Seems someone doesn’t understand how cheap so-called “cheap” guns really are.

    Of course, anyone who would trade a gun for food is not the person to worry about. So that makes it a double fail.

    “I was hoping we would get one [gun], save one life …”

    Get your own gun. Then you can save your life AND your customers’ lives as well.

  7. I used to buy lunches at a Sandwich and Gun Shop in Auburn, Maine. Forgot the name of the place. Good ruebens.

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