Die Flederkatze

Effective today we will be changing the name of the blog.   As soon as I have all the graphics worked out, you’ll notice the title change.  I have decided that I am tired of blogging about guns.  Yes.  From this point forward, we will blog about cats.  Not only will we blog about cats, but we will blog about them in German, in an attempt to capitalize on an under served market; German cat lovers.  Now sometimes, we might blog about cats with guns, as in this example here.  The new name of the blog will be “Die Flederkatze,” a creative and witty variation on Wagner’s “Die Fledermaus.”  The tagline will be “Jede Katze ist wie eine Schneeflocke.”

I hope you all enjoy.

7 Responses to “Die Flederkatze”

  1. anon says:

    What? Nothing about cat owners’ rights? (or rites?)

    When claws are outlawed, only outlaws will have claws! :)

  2. J T Bolt says:

    I LOVE cats. I can’t wait.

    You will have recipes and such, right?

  3. Rustmeister says:

    I, for one, welcome our new feline-loving bloggers.

  4. Slowstdy says:

    Purfect, i need to brush up on my german.

  5. Jdude says:

    Die Pilot-Schokolade, aber sie fallen Katzen statt
    (The chocolate pilot, but they drop cats instead)

    WW2 Story

  6. Jdude says:

    The connection in my last post: One of the few German phrases I know is The chocolate pilot, named after that guy. The German posts brought the phrase back to mind.

  7. Xrlq says:

    Was, zum Teufel, soll diese Wende?