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I hate to news links you guys so soon after doing it previously, but today is our Bucks County Friends of the NRA Banquet, for which Bitter is co-chair and I serve on the committee (and will be co-chair next year, as Bitter is stepping down) and Bitter’s Mom and Grandmother are visiting, so lots of stuff going on this week.

Shooting in defense of pets.

A lot of folks are talking about the New York Times admitting the Assault Weapons issue was bullshit. I think there’s a concerted effort by anti-gun groups to spread this story so gun owners feel safe and go back to sleep. Once that happens, next Sandy Hook like pretext, they are going to come after us differently, not trying to get everything and the kitchen sink. But that will open the floodgates.

$350 million for gun control from another rich asshole.

Speaking of rich assholes, looks like NRA has started a site meetbloomberg.com. Bloomberg is a great villain. What we have to hope is that he stays at the center of the debate.

I don’t know about the antis, but I personally prefer it when our nation’s police officers can shoot straight.

Turns out that there is mounting scientific evidence showing that natural supplies of lithium in water correlate to suicide rates. I’ll be it correlates better than gun ownership does with suicide rates. (h/t Instapundit)

The Brady Center is suing Lucky Gunner for selling the Aurora killer ammo. I will analyze that complaint when I come across it. “[T]he case will allege that BulkAmmo.com was negligent in allowing the purchase without any ‘screening mechanism to determine his identity or intent for the products.'” This is sure to be even worse than the case I mentioned yesterday. I actually think someone needs to countersue the Bradys. There are usually sanctions for filing frivolous lawsuits. Punch back twice as hard.

Remember, our opponents are against the very notion of self-defense. Well, maybe they’d agree hitting someone repeatedly with a flower would be a reasonable level of force one could use in self-defense.

I guess Kathy Kane doesn’t want to make people think she’s too anti-gun. She’s pooped in a lot of punchbowls in Harrisburg. She can’t really afford powerful enemies.

Things are looking better for Shaneen Allen, but we should keep the pressure on.

I suspect this is a ploy to derail ATF 41P. ATF can’t define person to mean one thing in one context, and another thing in another context.

6 thoughts on “Tuesday News Links 09-16-2014”

  1. Does Brady actually think (or expect anyone to believe) that a “do you intend to, uh, like go and kill a bunch of people with this ammo Y/N?” question would … work?

    Mr. Aurora killer had a clean criminal record and no disqualifying mental health history, as far as I know.

    An NFA-level background check shouldn’t have DQ’d him; so we can therefore only infer that Brady, unsurprisingly, just wants to make it harder and more invasive to buy ammo.

    Because that’s what they do.

    1. They want to drive people out of business.

      And they see “online dealers” as extra scary and thus an easier target.

  2. If memory serves, the Lucky Gunner guys are former law students of Instapundit (I seem to remember the puppy-blender mentioning that). A countersuit isn’t beyond the realm of possibility.

  3. Actually, I believe it WAS a deliberate derailment attempt on ATF 41P — ISTR Prince Law mentioning this and recruiting trusts to do this a while ago.

  4. Lois Beckett is a reporter who covers gun violence for ProPublica. She is not even on the staff of the NY Times, nor is she on their Editorial Board, nor does she speak for the publisher of the NY Times. She wrote an op-ed piece, not an editorial. Newspapers publish op-ed pieces from various writers with various points of view. The mere publishing of an op-ed piece does not constitute tacit agreement on the part of a newspaper’s publisher or editorial board with the views expressed by the author of the piece. Among the many thousands of writers who have had op-ed pieces published in the NY Times are Vladimir Putin http://www.nytimes.com/2013/09/12/opinion/putin-plea-for-caution-from-russia-on-syria.html?pagewanted=all , Mitt Romney http://www.nytimes.com/2008/11/19/opinion/19romney.html , and Muammar Qaddafi http://www.nytimes.com/2009/01/22/opinion/22qaddafi.html , as well as many more. So, this op-ed piece published about assault rifles is just not the same as “the New York Times admitting the Assault Weapons issue was bullshit.”

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