Bad News for Gun Control


Quinnipeac has Hick down 10 points over Bob Beauprez. This is certainly welcome news, but we should be wary of getting cocky. I’d love to see Hick’s political career served up on a silver platter after he sold Colorado’s gun owners out to Bloomberg.

Dan Malloy in CT is down by six points as well among likely voters. Bloomberg and Obama sold these two guys on the idea that gun control was a winning issue, and it’s looking very likely both of them are going to see the demise of their political careers as a result.

Things don’t really look that good for Martin O’Malley’s presidential ambitions either. This sets things up so nicely for Hillary, you’d almost expect the big gun control push was concocted by Clintonites to pave the way for Hillary and ensure any potential rivals ruined themselves with voters.

The lesson here is not only that gun control won’t save you, it’ll quite likely ruin your political career. Bloomberg is selling politicians snake oil. It was conventional wisdom among Democratic circles that gun control was a loser of an issue, and I’m sincerely hoping that the 2014 elections send that message in a big, big way. This will be our first opportunity, post the big Sandy Hook gun control push, to express our great displeasure.

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  1. Maybe Bloomberg is really funded by the NRA as a trap in some sort of Frank Herbert-level wheels within wheels plot!

  2. Unless you’re MSNBC. My mom watches Chris Matthews and he always shows poles with these dems blowing their opponents out of the water by 10 points or more. I’m really hoping Malloy loses after all I don’t want the next Civil War starting out. Is well-known that he will wait until after the elections going door-to-door to come by force.

    And besides if it’s really bad they can just ask Bloomberg for a few hundred million to buy votes.

  3. What a rebuke it would be if those three governors go down in flames. Here’s also hoping Beauprez pulls away with it and at the same time helps Gardner’s chances against Udall, which seems to be a pretty tight race. Just the fact that places like NH and MI are being mentioned as senate races to keep somewhat of an eye on is good news. Of course between now and Nov. 4th is an eternity, but I’m liking our chances.

    Personally I’ll have to look outside PA’s borders to get most of my warm-and-fuzzies in watching gun control get smacked down once again. Even though Wolf is well on his way to victory it looks like the state legislature will remain firmly pro-gun for another couple years. I’m keenly watching some state and congressional races in my old stomping grounds in the Hudson Valley region of NY. Plenty of SAFE act backlash combined with some Obama policies that help NYC at the expense of the upstate region hopefully will spell success.

    1. My worry about a Wolf win is that will be a signal to Bloomberg that he should spend all his money here instead of elsewhere. It could put us in the crosshairs.

      1. Or better yet, Bloomberg cuts a modest check to Wolf at the 11th hour and when Wolf wins, he claims it’s a referendum on PA wanting “common sense” gun laws, then wages his campaign against us.

        One thing I’ve always been wary about is how the pro-gun coalition in PA is made up of a lot of Democrats. My state rep and senator are Democrats and NRA-rated A and B respectively, they’ll support pro-gun legislation one minute and turn around and bash Corbett and Republicans the next. I’m worried that enough pressure from a Democratic, anti-gun governor might have them selling us out.

  4. That poll on Hickenlooper made me very happy. But I’ve watched too many election cycles to start believing polls this early — still remember how well Romney was ranked in a few polls in ’12.

    But if we get Hicky out and get pro-gun majorities (which wouldn’t necessarily be all Repub) in both houses, we’ll not only turn back the bad laws in Colorado we’ll pass some good ones. If we can’t turn Colorado red I’d at least like to see it turn solidly purple/pro-gun!

    My guess is that polls for Dems at the state level aren’t looking good either. My suburb was gerrymandered in with Denver to create a pretty safe Democratic district, but for the last month I’ve seen a blizzard of ads for our State Senator popping up everywhere I go. Don’t know how much that costs but she must have some reason to do so.

  5. Very encouraging if accurate, but still about 7 weeks to go and its one poll. 10 points seems like a very big hole for an incumbent to be in, and Colorado is now a blue state. Cautiously optimistic, but we shall see.

  6. The progress is gun rights came pretty much after Clinton said gun control killed the democrats in 1994. So democrats accepted the idea that gun control was toxic.

    20 years later Sandy Hook happened and gun control activists and Obama convinced Democrats to try again. Manchin bit and was the bill was defeated. This defeat really set the momentum for Obamas’ later defeats.

    Bloomberg gave money and said gun control is a winning issue. Cuomo, Malloy , Hickenlooper and O Malley bought the line.

    SAFE was vehemently contested by the populace and sherriffs. I think a lot of Teachout’s votes in the Democratic primary were protests votes against SAFE. The voters voted for her even though they did not want her so much as to punish Cuomo. The vote is blunt instrument and hard to get a coherent message.

    The recall votes in Colorado was a pointed message to gun control politicians that gun control was still toxic. This message has to to be maintained . Getting rid of Malloy and Hickenlooper help that message. That message is more potent if delivered by a liberal Democrat. Carville did it once. We need the wins for the reason to be made. Hopefully by a Democrat that wants to stay elected

    1. to be fair, O’Malley has ALWAYS been in favor of more gun control, even without Bloomberg. it’s just that the recent climate (and some political scheming) let him force our recent ban through; similar legislation had been shot down earlier in his reign.

  7. Martin O’Malley is a particularly vile cog in the Democratic Party machine, having the charm of John Edwards but not even his principles. He “decreased” crime in Baltimore while mayor by instituting a don’t-arrest-criminals policy which continues to this day, making your neighborhood junkie burglar/mugger/gangbanger a permanent fixture in your life, if you are stupid enough to still live there.

    Shoot him down in flames, salt the ground he lands on, bury the spot in deep concrete. He wants to be president, and would make Obama look like a great leader with great ideas.

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