Blood and Carnage

That’s what the New England Journal of Medicine is predicting in the wake of Heller.  Yeah, because prior to Heller, criminals were too busy thinking “Sorry guys, it’s a collective right.  We’ll have to wait until it’s individual before we go commit armed robberies.”  But the study does conflate the suicide and homicide numbers.  It also depends on the Loftin study, which has been thoroughly debunked.

The hysterics post Heller have been absolutely unbelievable.  It’s full tilt in the media for the meme that guns do nothing but kill; they aren’t used for sport, and they aren’t used for self-defense.  No.  They cause crime and suicide.  The suicide angle seems something particularly hounded on for some reason, I’m guessing because they know crime rates won’t go up, so they are banking on suicide rates inching up, so they might have a leg to stand on.

7 thoughts on “Blood and Carnage”

  1. Also I would assume that suicide guns are most often legally heald, as opposed to crime guns….and well one look at DC, Chicago, LA, Boston, Baltimore, et al shows you how well making gun ownership a crime does for crimes with guns.

    Essentially the Antis don’t have a leg to stand on when they try to take away my guns because they’re worried I’ll commit a crime with them….but if they take away my GUNS! Now we’re talking I guess.

    Of course they will overlook my wife’s scary-sharp kitchen knives, and my well-stocked medicine and liquor cabnet….oh and the commuter train that goes by my house every few hours….

  2. Two weeks ago in the New York Times (of all places!!) was an article that threw cold water on the “guns-cause-death” hypothesis:

    The main thing about all of these studies (Kellermann, Hemenway, Loftin, etc.) is that they show collelation, not causation. Like sending researchers into the homes of obese people, finding a lot of diet soda in their refrigerators, and concluding that consuming diet soda causes obesity.

  3. (Jack Sparrow voice)” I’m having a thought here…”

    It’s been posited by many people now that the reason anti-gun people are so vehement is because of projection… the opinion that, since they don’t trust themselves with a gun, no-one else is to be trusted either.
    Carrying this a step further, is it plausible that the PSH about suicide rates skyrocketing is because the antis are also suicidal?

    I can dream, can’t I???

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