Push For Gun Control In Vermont

Vermont is one of our signature states, really. No gun laws, really, to speak of, and virtually no crime. But there’s a suicide angle being pushed there in order to pass a “safe storage” law. This particular safe storage law exempts law enforcement. I guess they don’t care about kids of police officers. It mandates either trigger locks, or reasonably secure locked container. It’s worth remembering that the Supreme Court in Heller essentially threw away a similar law in DC as being unconstitutional.

I’m not opposed to safe storage, by any means, but I believe the best way to deal with this problem is through efforts to educate gun owners, and educate children about the dangers of guns, rather than impose legal sanctions. This is what we’ve done for the past several decades, and gun accident rates have been falling for most of the century. As for suicides, though studies have shown that suicide by gun rates are higher in places with more guns, overall suicide rates are not affected by the availability of firearms.

2 thoughts on “Push For Gun Control In Vermont”

  1. Had he had hung himself, would they be asking for all rope or line to be banned. I don’t get how keeping a gun locked stops this.
    My 13 year old shoots, and he knows where my gun safe key is, in case he ever needs to defend himself in my home!!

    You are right again, when you say gun education is what was needed here.

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