News Links for Tuesday 07-29-2014


It’s hard to argue it has been a good week for the antis. First, that which they claim can never and has never happened, happened again. Someone stopped a mass shooting before it qualified for their definition of mass shooting. Then, DC went kinda-sorta-but-not-really constitutional carry for 72 hours after a surprise Saturday ruling in favor of the Second Amendment. It’s not surprising, then, that they’ve been awfully quiet. But rest assured, they know it’s been a bad week. Here’s the news:

Colorado predicted a huge number of background checks would be performed once they banned private transfers, because they based their estimates on the bogus 40% number. So it’s not surprise by anyone except those that buy into anti-gun propaganda that their numbers are way way off.

CSGV trying to wrap its collective head around the defensive shooting at Mercy Fitzgerald.

Guns have no place in the workplace. Yeah, tell that to Dr. Silverman. This guy didn’t seem to care enough to actually obey something written on a piece of paper by HR.

I’m betting no one except Eleanor Holmes Norton thought the 72 hours DC had nothing to say about carry was “madness.”

Joe has a look at what the anti gun folks think of us in cartoons: here and here.

I have to agree with Tam on Facebook today: I didn’t see this coming either.

Turns out, gun control is bad for the local economy.” The people voting for gun control don’t care about jobs for those kinds of people, who do that kind of work. They aren’t reliable enough Democratic voters.

I appreciate the quote, and the characterization of our blog as “influential,” but it was Bitter that wrote that and not me.

Self-defense for me, but not for thee.

This nonviolent stuff’ll get you killed.

The next media fad issue over stand your ground.

It’s time for conservatives to stop defending police. They say one bad apple can spoil a bunch. The problem is, we don’t do anything about the bad apples, so the consequences are inevitable.

I’m pretty sure if the Boston Police Commissioner had his way, having a rifle or shotgun in the city would be as difficult as having a pistol. But this is how the 1st Circuit Court of appeals has decided to treat a fundamental right.

Is the speed limit too low? Yes. Next question.

Off Topic:

Your “Craft” Rye Whiskey is probably from a factory in Indiana.

No Labels? No results, No problem! My local GOP rep is a member of this group, and regularly touts it. As far as I’m concerned, the less Washington accomplishes, the better off we all are. This group is only a way to appear to LIVs that you’re an advocate for “doing something,” and “getting along.” Personally, I’m sick to death of LIVs.

Apparently something has a really compelling case for putting “Happy Birthday,” in the public domain. If this ends all the endless stupid birthday chants at chain restaurants, I’m all for it.

Very cool collection of colorized old timey photos. Since we’ve gotten into genealogy, I’ve spent a lot of time with old family photos.