Making Guns Pretty

I don’t shy away from the fact that most of my gun purchases have started out with the phrase, “It’s so pretty!” There aren’t common features or qualities about these guns that make them attractive to me, but they always manage to jump out at me. Lately, whether it’s at a gun show or a bigger event like the NRA convention, no new guns have made me want to grab one and take it home lately. But something landed in my inbox this morning that changed my tune.


I got a press release from Cryptic Coatings, and I accidentally hit open instead of the trash like I do with most releases that just don’t interest me with their titles. When it opened, I did a double take because something made me, “It’s so pretty!” for the first time in ages. What is it? Their “mystic bronze” coating.

I adore the color brown, and especially anything that has a little shine and qualifies more as bronze. I love rose gold, too. This is like mixing everything I love in being girly with guns. Pink has never done it for me, but this, this definitely does. I don’t know anything about the quality of product or service here, but man, I do love the shiny bronze color.

11 thoughts on “Making Guns Pretty”

  1. most of my gun purchases have started out with the phrase, “It’s so pretty!”

    Me too.

  2. I don’t even like pretty, but that looks… so… shiny… What’s that, shiny gun parts? You want my credit card number?

    1. I have not seen that before. That’s a little too standard gold for my tastes, to be honest. The unique shade of the bronze/rose gold color of this coating is what attracted me to it. In fact, if they made this more bronze colored (something closer to this), then I would love it even more and very likely not be able to resist it.

      I’m pretty sure my abnormal love of all things shiny bronze are rooted in a traumatic-only-to-a-teenaged-girl episode from my youth where I was denied a bronze prom dress. :)

  3. They must have either some type-o or some nonstandard definition of coefficient of friction. Only their mystic black coating has a cof I would consider low at 0.01… advertizing (at the time of post) 0.2 to 0.8 for the other finishes goes from not great to rather horrible.

    they are very attractive, however.

  4. I purchased not one, but two, 1920s Colt Model 1903 Hammerless .32ACPs on whims, because “wow, that’s pretty.”

    Then I found a NIB one from the 1950s in a pawn shop and would have bought it, too, because “wow, that’s pretty” again, except I wasn’t quite so flush with cash then, and it disappeared before my next visit.

    Nothing wrong with that as a reason to buy a gun.

  5. Essentially, my entire collection is built around the “wow, that’s pretty” principle. It has to have the reliability that’s needed for the purpose of the tool, but once that threshold is met, my first criteria is mostly aesthetics. Firearms are beautiful pieces of engineering.

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